Final Fantasy VII Remake is out now on PlayStation 4, and as promised, Square Enix has released not one, but two dynamic themes on the PlayStation Store. One is completely free as long as you play the demo before the 11th May, while the other is free for PlayStation Plus members. The former is simply titled 'Final Fantasy VII Remake Theme', while the latter is called 'Final Fantasy VII Remake Cloud Theme'.

And guess what? They both look fantastic. The normal theme features some stunning artwork of the cast looking off into the sunrise, while the Cloud theme has, er, Cloud looking up at the Shinra building. Both themes have slight animation, their own icons, and their own music tracks. Neat.

This is the normal theme (available to anyone who plays the demo before 11th May):

Final Fantasy VII Remake PS4 Theme Free
Final Fantasy VII Remake PS4 Dynamic Theme

And this is the Cloud theme (exclusive to PS Plus subscribers):

Final Fantasy VII Remake PS4 Theme Cloud
Final Fantasy VII Remake PS4 Dynamice Theme Cloud 2

Which one do you like best? Rock out to that remade battle theme in the comments section below.