Deep Down Ps4.original

We can't quite believe that seven years after its original unveiling, we're still writing about Deep Down. The famously announced PlayStation 4 title was revealed at Sony's disclosure of the current-gen console and has never been seen since, despite Capcom stating that it hasn't "given up on the title completely." We can safely say that it's never coming out in the form revealed to the public, but a new tidbit suggests that the game was nearly finished before it was scrapped.

Buried at the bottom of a Video Games Chronicle article, editor in chief Andy Robinson says: "In 2013 the company did announce the dungeon crawler Deep Down, however sources recently indicated to VGC that the title was shelved despite being in a ‘near-complete state’".

What Is so interesting is the claim that Deep Down was nearly done before Capcom shelved the project entirely. We'll probably never get an answer, but what was the thinking behind that? The mind ponders. There's speculation surrounding the game's DNA being implemented into a new title for the future, but we'll have to wait and see if that comes to fruition or not.

Were you hoping Deep Down would eventually release? Why do you think Capcom shelved the project? Discuss your theories in the comments below.