Yakuza Like A Dragon PS4

This might be the most bizarre and suspect handling we've seen of a piece of DLC in quite some time. SEGA has stripped Yakuza: Like a Dragon of its New Game+ feature in Japan so that it can sell it back to purchasers at a later date after every previous entry had the mode packed in from launch. That's bad enough on its own, but the situation gets even more ludicrous following the announcement of the expansion's pricing method. If you buy the DLC before 6th May, it'll cost you just 7 yen, or $0.63, but if you purchase after that date, you'll be charged 980 yen, or a whopping $8.79.

Yeah, we're just as baffled as you are. Has a piece of DLC ever had its price arbitrarily increased by such a degree? We're seriously struggling to think of any examples here. Named the Premium Masters Pack, the expansion includes New Game+ options for every difficulty mode, new Trophies, a rare item shop, a bunch of costumes, and premium items. It's not a bad selection of goodies, but when the entire situation is taken into account, this is truly unusual.

This isn't just us, is it? This is sort of insane, right? Why is SEGA hiking up the price of what was originally packed into previous instalments by such a huge margin? Try and explain why in the comments below.

[source gematsu.com]