Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo Length PS4

Update: Even the file size for the Final Fantasy VII Remake demo has leaked, and guess what? It's pretty darn big. If you haven't already heard, people managed to pull the demo from Sony's servers over the holidays. Some of them even managed to install and run the demo on their PS4. As such, we now know that the demo weighs in at a hefty 22.5GB.

Meanwhile, Square Enix is yet to comment on any of this. Hopefully the demo still gets released after all of this drama, because we're dying to get our hands on it.

Original story: Following on from the latest Final Fantasy VII Remake demo leak -- which basically confirmed that, yes, the demo is definitely happening -- a full playthrough has made its way onto YouTube courtesy of user LM V2. Split into three 15 minute videos, this new leak tells us everything we need to know.

The demo will cover the entirety of the first bombing run from the beginning of Final Fantasy VII, in which Cloud joins Barrett and his pro-planet group AVALANCHE as they attempt to blow up one of Shinra's power plants. It concludes with the Guard Scorpion boss fight, followed by the gang's escape.

Going by the length of the aforementioned videos, the demo should last around an hour, so it's quite meaty. Of course, now all we need is a release date. Don't keep us hanging, Square Enix!

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