Sony PS PlayStation Vita 1

Will Sony ever make another portable PlayStation? The outlook, according to the company’s Magic 8 Ball, looks increasingly unlikely. While the Nintendo Switch is enjoying enormous success primarily due its handheld functionality, boss Jim Ryan told Game Informer that “clearly it’s a business we’re no longer in now”.

The executive did have praise for the PS Vita, describing it as “brilliant in many ways”, but it’s a product that the platform holder couldn’t find traction with. It’s a shame because its initial promise, to play console experiences on the go, is not massively different to the Switch’s main selling point. Unfortunately, the PlayStation maker just couldn’t get the concept to stick.

The manufacturer currently commands four of the five best selling home consoles of all time, so it clearly knows where it strengths lie. Having said that, the PlayStation Portable was a humongous success, rivalling the Nintendo DS for some time and going on to sell almost 100 million units outright. As such, it’s a shame to see the organisation’s efforts in this area end.

Of course, you can never say never. There may be a time at some point in the future when a new portable makes commercial sense for PlayStation, and we’re sure that it will be quick to change its tune should that occur. Just don’t expect it anytime soon, we suppose – there’ll always be PlayStation Now on your laptop, we guess.