PS5 Specs Xbox Scarlett Specs Sony Microsoft Rumour

The PlayStation 5 rumours just keep on rumbling. This time around, reliable Kotaku news editor Jason Schreier has taken to Twitter in order to share some of his insight into the next generation of consoles. It's just a few bullet points, but they're sure to spark speculation.

First off, Schreier says Microsoft is currently "well behind" Sony in terms of communication regarding the next Xbox. But with almost a whole year to go before these consoles hit the market, that "probably won't matter". Still, it's interesting to hear that Sony is supposedly so far ahead of the competition. Much like it did with the PlayStation 4, it sounds like the Japanese giant is really on top of things, which is encouraging.

Next, "whispers suggest" that, surprise surprise, the PS5 and Xbox Scarlett have "similar specs". We've always imagined that the next-generation will be a bit of a repeat in terms of hardware head-to-heads, with both Sony and Microsoft producing machines that are pretty much on the same level. Rumours that they'll offer the same kind of power don't shock us in the least, but Schreier goes on to note that "both [consoles] sound VERY powerful". Frankly, we can't wait to see what next-gen hardware is capable of.

And last but not least, Sony's strategy with the PS5 involves pushing accessibility -- at least in part. No load times, no waiting around -- you just get into the game as quickly as possible. This last point ties into what we already know about the console, with its custom SSD supposedly allowing for greatly decreased load times, and the apparent ability to download and install different parts of games so that you can prioritise what you want to play. We'll obviously have to wait and see whether all of this is just talk, but it's certainly an intriguing angle.

What do you make of this? Are you starting to feel the hype for next-gen? Prepare yourself for a roller coaster 2020 in the comments section below.