If there was ever anyone we’d expect to be supporting the PlayStation Vita in 2020, it’s the handheld’s long-time champion Colin Moriarty. The ex-IGN editor and current Sacred Symbols host is busy beavering away on a brand-new game with indie team Lillymo Games named Twin Breaker. Also due out on the PlayStation 4, this basic brick-breaker brings a new twist to a timeless classic by requiring you to control multiple paddles at once.

It’s also got a storyline, which Moriarty admits is somewhat superfluous. “I wanted to give context to the events of the game, even though the gameplay doesn’t really need (or even demand) context,” he wrote on his Patreon. “Giving an old-school-style game a story at all was really inspired, in a lot of ways, by Atlus’ wonderful Catherine, which gave Q*Bert meaning. So why can’t Arkanoid have meaning, too?!” It’s a fair question.

The title’s due out next year on both PS4 and PS Vita, and it’ll net you two Platinum Trophies for the ripe old sum of $9.99. We’re big fans of brick breakers, so this certainly looks entertaining – but we’re especially satisfied to see the PS Vita continue to be supported into a new decade.

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