Talk about something we weren't expecting. Snoop Dogg has had a long-running, vocal fondness for hockey -- including a hilarious series where he breaks down the basics of the game -- so seeing him included in EA's annual series is a whole new level. Between being able to play as Snoop himself, face off against his team in HUT Squad Battles, or get Snoop related items in the World of CHEL mode, the add-on is a welcome, and free, inclusion for NHL 20.

The best thing by far is Snoop joining games to give commentary for a period here and there. While the actual implementation isn't quite as smooth as would be ideal, it's too fun to not like it at least a little. The colour commentary is lively, engaging, and slots in along the regular announcers rather well. What do you think? Is this a fun inclusion for the game? Would you like to see more content like this find a way into NHL games going forward? Take a slap shot in the comments below.