Has Sony ever managed to do better than its original PSone boot up sequence? Those visuals and the audio that accompanies them are firmly planted in our own brains, becoming a part of childhood memories for many. Any PlayStation fan has at least some reverence for those couple of seconds before Sony's first console launches a game, so much so that one fanatic has taken things to the next level.

Off the back of the new information we received a couple of days ago surrounding the PlayStation 5, YouTube channel Paulo Manso Animation uploaded its own take on the next-gen system's boot-up animation. It's one that plays on the nostalgia of that original sequence, turning on with the original visual and audio design before settling on a screen that looks similar to that of the PlayStation 4's home screen.

Of course, it would certainly be a pleasant surprise if Sony's plans for the PS5's boot-up sequence even slightly resembled this tribute to the past, but it's probably not going to happen. Still, we can dream. Would you like the PS5's boot-up animation to look like this? What would you change? Turn your PS5 on in the comments below.

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