Update: It turns out the Metal Gear teaser was a joke.

Original Story: Harada and friends have really gone and done it this time. Tekken 7 Season 3 was announced at Evo 2019, which will include four new characters, one new "feature", and one new stage. Returning Tekken 6 character Zafina is among the newcomers, alongside brand new original fighter Leroy Smith, who seems to be some kind of martial arts master.

And that's not all. Season 3 also brings new moves for every character, an updated user interface, replays, and an expanded practice mode. Season 3 arrives this September.

But this is where things get weird. Although it's not featured in the above trailer, there was a split-second teaser during the tournament finals that showed Tekken director Harada in a codec conversation with the one and only Solid Snake. Nothing more on the subject was said.

We assume that someone from the Metal Gear franchise will be the big Season 3 guest character, and they'll probably be revealed at the Tekken World Tour finals later this year. You can see the very, very brief teaser (captured by someone in the audience) below.


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