Final Fantasy VII Remake Length Content

Despite looking absolutely superb, there are still a lot of questions surrounding Final Fantasy VII Remake, particularly when it comes to the game's structure and length. As we now know, Final Fantasy VII Remake is a "saga" broken up into multiple games. However, Square Enix doesn't actually know how many games it'll end up being. Not ideal, but that's where we're at.

The first game in the saga is the one we've been seeing all this time. It takes place in the city of Midgar alone, and it launches next year, on the 3rd March. But how big can one story that takes place entirely within Midgar actually be? Well, we won't know for sure until we play it, but Square Enix continues to say that it'll be the size of a full game.

Specifically, the amount of content in the first chapter of Final Fantasy VII Remake will be equal to the amount of content in any mainline Final Fantasy title. This info comes straight from director Yoshinori Kitase's mouth, as reported by Game Informer. If true, it means that Final Fantasy VII Remake (the one that launches next year, just to be clear) should be at least 30 or so hours in length. Well, that's how it sounds, anyway.

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