tekken 7 season 2 dlc characters

If you're one to keep up with the competitive Tekken scene, then you'll likely already know that the Tekken World Tour finals are happening next month. On the 1st and 2nd December, the highest ranked Tekken 7 players will be facing off in Amsterdam in the hope of being crowned the King of the Iron Fist.

At last year's event, we got the announcement trailer for Noctis, so it's not hard to imagine that a new character will show up again, especially since three fighters from the game's second season pass haven't been revealed yet.

As such, confirmation of a new character at the Tekken World Tour finals has always seemed obvious, but director Katsuhiro Harada has been hinting at the possibility all the same. Over on Twitter, a fan asked if we're going to get an announcement, and Harada replied: "The answer may be in TWT (Tekken World Tour)?"

Now it's really just a question of who the character -- or characters -- will be. We know Negan from The Walking Dead is bashing his way into the game but we're yet to see him in action, and a few months back we got returning characters Anna and Lei. Will it be another guest character? Or will more Tekken veterans be joining the ranks? As always, we're gonna be praying for Armor King.

Who do you want to see next in Tekken 7? Pick your new main in the comments section below.

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