PS PlayStation Classic PSone Mini Console 1

We're pretty smitten with the PlayStation Classic. This miniaturised PSone is currently getting some fairly lukewarm write ups, but it's hard to ignore the allure of the little console itself. At 45 per cent the size of the original PlayStation, the PS Classic is minuscule, but it's a perfect replica of that iconic design. The PlayStation Blog has given it its very own photoshoot, and it looks great.

It's a pure nostalgia play from Sony, and the 20 included games may not be to everyone's tastes, but you can't argue this thing isn't adorable. The PlayStation Classic releases on 3rd December, so there's not long to go before you can get your mitts on one. Is the PS Classic on your Christmas list? Which game are you most looking forward to revisiting? Put on your rose-tinted glasses in the comments below.