Catherine Full Body Nero Glasses

Atlus is really putting some extra effort into Catherine: Fully Body, isn't it? New to this enhanced remaster are what the game calls the "Nero Glasses". Main character Vincent can equip these glasses whenever he likes, and they allow him to see people in just their underwear. Want to see Catherine or Katherine in just their lingerie, even if you're out having dinner with them? Well now you can, you little pervert.

Steady on

The effect of the glasses even applies to secondary characters, like Vincent's friends in the Stray Sheep bar. Keep the glasses on and you'll see straight through the outer layer of ever outfit, even during cutscenes. It all sounds a bit mad -- and very Catherine -- but we imagine there are some interesting secrets to discover based on what certain characters like to wear.

Catherine: Full Body launches next month in Japan, and it's due West at some point in 2019. Will you be equipping these glasses, though? Stop staring in the comments section below.