With Sony still neglecting to create a 'Pro' or 'Elite' DualShock 4 itself, it's up to third parties to fill the space with a variety of alternative pads. We've seen a few efforts over the last couple of years, and now tech company Astro has stepped into the arena with its C40 TR controller.

As with other controllers of its ilk, the C40 TR has been built to accommodate for hardcore players and professional use in tournaments. Rear buttons and trigger stops, along with some accompanying software, allow you to configure the pad to your liking. Its USP, however, is its modular front. The two sticks and the D-pad can all be swapped around as you see fit, and there are even alternative stick caps for you to customise how they feel. It's an interesting proposition that some PS4 owners might want to consider, although at $199.99, it's pretty pricey.

What do you think of the Astro C40 TR controller? Prepare for your next big tournament in the comments below.

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