Red Dead Redemption 2 How To Play in First-Person PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Red Dead Redemption 2 can be played from a first-person perspective, just like Grand Theft Auto V before it. Changing the viewpoint gives you a whole different outlook on the Wild West, and you can do it in-game on the fly. But how do play RDR2 in first-person? In this guide, we’re going to explain how you can play Red Dead Redemption 2 like an FPS.

How Do You Play Red Dead Redemption 2 in First-Person?

To change the camera perspective in Red Dead Redemption 2 from third-person to first-person, simply click the touchpad of the DualShock 4. All of the controls remain largely the same in first-person, you just get to see the world from a more personal perspective. To change to third-person again, you simply need to push the touchpad once more. There are three different distances you can play in third-person, so keep pushing the touchpad to cycle through and find the camera that appeals to you.

You can also hold down the touchpad at any time to toggle on a cinematic view, which frames the action like you’re watching a movie. Again, just push the touchpad to quit out of this perspective.