Playstation Now

The topic of this week's Friday poll is an obvious one. Earlier this week, Sony dropped the news that PS4 and PS2 game downloads had been added to its subscription service PlayStation Now. Previously, subscribers could only stream PS Now's library of games, but with the option to download them and play them whenever you want, the service has become a much more enticing prospect. Based on what we've seen around the 'net, the reception has been overwhelmingly positive.

If you're reading this wondering what the heck PS Now even is, be sure to take a look at our guide, which covers how the service works and pricing.

Obviously it's going to be interesting to see how Sony handles PS Now going forward. Will it become a more central service on PS4? Will it be integrated with PlayStation Plus in some way? It's difficult to say right now, but there's potential for something big.

And so, we're here to ask you about PS Now. Has the option to download games directly to your PS4 sealed the deal? Are you thinking about buying a subscription? Perhaps you're already subscribed? Vote in our polls, and then let us know how you feel about the new PS Now model in the comments section below

How much does the addition of game downloads improve PS Now? (181 votes)

Massively, the service is fantastic value now


A lot, PS Now is much better with downloads


Somewhat, it's definitely better overall


Not much, it's still not a very good service


Not at all


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How likely are you to subscribe to PS Now, now that it has game downloads? (181 votes)

I've already subscribed after hearing about the game downloads


I'm definitely going to subscribe


Very likely, I'm seriously considering it


Likely, I'm tempted


I'm honestly not sure, I'll have to think about it


Not likely, I'm just not interested


Not at all likely, I couldn't care less


Actually, I was already subscribed to PS Now before game downloads were added


PS Now isn't available in my country


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