Marvel's Spider-Man PS4 PlayStation 4

Have you finished Marvel's Spider-Man yet? The game has been out for just a few days, but we imagine a handful of people will have stormed through it over the weekend. If you've completed Spidey's adventure and are itching for more, good news: New Game + mode is on its way. Answering a fan question, Insomniac confirmed the extra mode on Twitter:

There are no details beyond this, but we doubt it'll be too long before New Game + swings by in a patch. As for what it'll do, we imagine it'll be pretty standard -- enemies will be tougher, and you'll have access to all your upgrades, gadgets, and suit mods from the off. It's a good excuse to run through the story again and mop up any straggling collectibles or enemy bases. And it isn't too long before the first DLC chapter will be available, so you can keep your wall-crawling antics going.

Will you be playing Marvel's Spider-Man's New Game + mode when it arrives? Accidentally-on-purpose kick an enemy off a roof in the comments below.