Shuhei Yoshida

Shuhei Yoshida has been in Brighton recently to pick up the Develop Legend Award for his achievements in the industry. While he was there, he spoke at Develop:Brighton with editor of Edge magazine, Nathan Brown. When asked about Sony finding success with its large single player games as the industry trends towards multiplayer, Shu admitted that he wished the platform holder was "more successful on the multiplayer side as well".

Yoshida-san went on to say that part of the reason Sony produces the type of games that it does is simply down to the talents of the studios it holds. He said, "this is the area in which [our studios] have a chance to push this art forward," and that the Worldwide Studios teams must ultimately "follow their hearts" when creating games.

Sony is of course capable of producing good multiplayer titles. The Last of Us and the Uncharted series are fairly well loved, and going back a little, the company did find success with the SOCOM series, Warhawk, and to a lesser degree, MAG.

What are your favourite multiplayer Sony games? Do you also wish Sony would experiment with multiplayer games again, or are you enjoying its focus on single player experiences? Play nice together in the comments below.