What’s the July 2018 PlayStation Plus lineup? And when will the July 2018 PS Plus lineup be revealed? With the madness of E3 2018 all over, Sony's selection of free PS+ titles for July 2018 are destined to be the biggest story of next week. In this article, we’re going to round up all of the latest PS Plus rumours and speculation, so let’s dive in.

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When will July 2018’s free PS Plus games be announced?

Assuming that Sony follows its usual announcement pattern, then we should get official confirmation of July 2018's free PlayStation Plus games on Wednesday, 27th June. You'll of course find all the news the moment it breaks right here on Push Square, and on our YouTube channel.

When will July 2018’s free PlayStation Plus games be available to download?

The free PS Plus games are always made available on the first Tuesday in every month, so expect to dig into your latest round of PS+ goodies on 3rd July.

What are July 2018’s free PS Plus games?

There are a couple of new PS4 games due out on 3rd July in Runbow and Red Faction Guerrilla Re-Mars-tered, but Sony hasn't really been giving away day-and-date freebies of late. It's been leaning into its archives instead, occasionally using older games (Beyond: Two Souls) to promote new ones (Detroit: Become Human). With some big sequels due out this holiday, we could see the manufacturer adopting a similar strategy: Hitman, Battlefield 4, and potentially even Fallout 4 don't feel completely out of the realm of possibility. Of course, it's worth stressing here that Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, a bonus game announced at E3 2018, will remain available until 11th July, foreshadowing the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.

What free July 2018 PlayStation Plus games do you want?

And so it's all over to you at this stage: which (realistic) July 2018 PS Plus games do you want? Is there anything you've been waiting for? Which titles are you desperate to add to your backlog? You know the drill: share your shortlist in the comments section, and let us know.

What free July 2018 PS Plus games are you eager for? How do you think PlayStation Plus is shaping up so far this year? Try to keep your expectations in check in the comments section below.