Laser League PS4 PlayStation 4

Roll7's output so far has consisted of single player, pixel art games, and they're all great fun. The two OlliOlli games in particular are brilliant fun, while Not a Hero's quirky humour and simple shoot-outs make it a compelling curiosity as well. However, the small developer's next game, Laser League, is a big departure. It's a competitive multiplayer game with a futuristic neon look, and it's heading to PS4 on 10th May. 

Writing on the PlayStation Blog, the game's creative director John Ribbins outlines the rules of Laser League. Basically, teams of up to three players fight to eliminate each other from various arenas, which are dotted with laser nodes. Activating these nodes creates laser gates in your team's colour. You're safe to pass through them, but the opposing team isn't, making the game a constant battle for dominance of the field.

You pick a player from six different classes, all of which have different abilities. Ghost is a healer character, for example, while Thief can convert the other team's lasers into your team's colour. It sounds like the composition of your team will play an important part in matches.

It sounds pretty interesting, and we're definitely curious to see more. Luckily, we don't have to wait very long -- 10th May is right around the corner. You can read much more about Laser League here.

What do you make of Roll7's latest project? Are you down for a multiplayer game like Laser League? Fire a laser into the comments below.