God of War How to Find and Free All Dragons Guide PS4 PlayStation 4 1

One of the Favors in God of War involves finding and freeing three dragons located around Midgard. Not only will you need to locate these reptiles, but you’ll also need to free them from the mythical noose around their neck. To do this you’ll need to destroy three stone pedestals which are typically situated within the dragon’s vicinity.

How to Free Dragons in God of War

All you need to do to free God of War’s three dragons is locate the three stone pedestals within the same area. These are usually guarded by enemies, so approach with caution. If you can’t find the pedestals, make the Favor to free the dragon your active quest, and the game’s compass will guide you to their locations. Destroy the pedestals (and any enemies) when you find them, and once you’ve cleared all three, return to the dragon and free it from its noose.

All Dragon Locations in God of War

These are all the dragon locations in God of War. Free them all to unlock the 'Dangerous Skies' Trophy.

Shores of Nine: The Flight of Fafnir

Shores of Nine is located to the north eastern area of the Lake of Nine in Midgard. It's near to Alfheim Tower. To reach the dragon, you'll need Atreus' shock arrows, allowing you to detonate the red crystals in the area and opening up a climbing route. Detonate all of these and follow the path to a large door. You'll find Fafnir on the other side.

Konunsgard: The Fire of Reginn

Konunsgard is located to the north west of the Lake of Nine in Midgard. You’ll need to travel here as part of a Dwarven Favor. The dragon, Reginn, is situated north of the temple that you need three stone fragments to enter.

Veithurgard: Otr's Imprisonment

Veithurgard is to the east of the Lake of Nine in Midgard. You’ll travel here as part of a Spirits Favor, and you can find out how to reach Veithurgard through the link. The dragon is situated in the south-eastern most area, opposite the statue of Thor.