God of War All Horns of Blood Mead Locations Guide PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Like in previous God of War games, you can enhance Kratos’ maximum rage by grabbing Horns of Blood Mead, which are situated in chests all around Midgard and its surrounding realms. There are nine in total, and collecting them all will unlock the ‘Quick Tempered’ Trophy for fully upgrading your rage. For a full list of all Idunn Apple locations click through the link.

What Do Horns of Blood Mead Do in God of War?

Collecting three Horns of Blood Mead will increase your overall rage (the Spartan Rage attack that's triggered by pushing L3 and R3 at the same time). All nine will fully upgrade Kratos’ rage while unlocking the ‘Quick Tempered’ Trophy.

How Many Horns of Blood Mead Are There in God of War?

There are a total of nine Horns of Blood Mead to find and collect in God of War. Once you’ve opened the rune chest with one of these inside, it’ll automatically be added to your inventory.

How Do You Open Rune Chests in God of War?

To open the rune chests which contain the Horns of Blood Mead in God of War, you'll first need to find three seals with symbols on them. More often than not, you'll merely have to smash these with your axe, but some of the chests are tied to a timed challenge, where you'll need to ring three bells swiftly in order to open them up.

God of War All Horns of Blood Mead Locations

All 9 God of War Horns of Blood Mead locations are included below:

Region Horns of Blood Mead Locations
The Mountain In the area where you first meet Sindri (Brok's equally irritation dwarven brother) is a puzzle where you need to throw your axe at three pedestals in order to change the rune symbol shown. Match them to what's shown on the chest to get your first Horn of Blood Mead.
Alfheim When you reach the door that won't open in Alfheim as part of the story quest, head down the left path and complete the timed rune puzzles to open the chest.
Foothills As you work through the Path to the Mountain quest, you'll happen upon a spiked ceiling which will crush you unless you freeze one of its cogs with the Leviathan Axe. Climb on top of it to clear the seals and then open the chest.
Veithurgard The chest is in the area to the left of the dragon, beyond the rope bridge. You need to find three seals in the Veithurgard area to open it; one is directly to the right of the chest, the other is in a nearby rock wall, while the final one is in the distance as you look out over onto the Stonehenge-esque area.
Fafnir's Storeroom Fafnir's Storeroom can be found to the west of the Lake of Nine, and the chest is in front of the entrance to the vault. It's pretty easy to locate. This is a timed rune puzzle where you need to ring three bells to open it up.
Helheim Before Kratos and Atreus have to board the ship as part of the story, look to the left of the boat and push down the platform creating a path to the Nornir Chest. There's a Horn of Blood Mead inside; you just need to smash all of the jars in the area to nab it.
Witch's Cave The Witch's Cave opens up a short period into the story, but you won't be able to open this chest immediately. You'll need shock arrows so that can blow up the sap wall behind the elevator for the first seal. Then drop down to the second level and navigate the light bridges before clearing out another sap wall to get the second seal. The final one is in the waterfall.
Alfheim There's a second Horn of Blood Mead in Alfheim, in the Lake of Light not far from Sindri's shop. It's on an elevated platform; you need to hit the three bells in quick succession to get this one.
Cliffs of the Raven In the eastern area of the Lake of Nine, there's a wind puzzle. Solve this to open the final chest, and collect the final of the nine Horns of Blood Mead.