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Grand Theft Auto V has now shipped a mind-melting 90 million units worldwide, meaning that it added a dizzying 15 million units to its tally in 2017 alone. This means that it comfortably outsold many of last year’s big new releases, despite the open world title first deploying in 2013. It’s a staggering result for a title that clearly still has life left in it.

Not only that, but December 2017 was the biggest month ever for Grand Theft Auto Online, a feat which it seems to achieve with regularity. According to Take Two, the multiplayer mode had more active users than ever before during the aforementioned period, and continues to drive “recurring consumer spending” through microtransactions.

Rockstar’s committed support to the online mode through 2018 and beyond, so expect GTAV’s sales to continue to increase with frightening pace. The company must be rubbing its hands together at the prospect of Red Dead Redemption 2’s impending October release.