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A whopping 70 per cent of the original Final Fantasy XV team is still working on the game, raising the question: why? Normally when a title is completed, much of the staff is moved on to a different project, but according to director Hajime Tabata, publisher Square Enix is trying something different with its latest role-playing game. This means that only 30 per cent of the team have moved on, with the remaining employees focused on DLC, updates, and PlayStation VR content.

Tabata told DualShockers in a recent interview that the company has plans to support the title for at least another year, and it hopes to continue beyond that. Obviously it recently announced a rough timeline for the title's DLC expansions, with Episode Gladiolus due out on 13th March. But we have to question its decision to keep updating the title like it's Overwatch or something; does anyone still plan on playing Final Fantasy XV in 2018?

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