Metal Gear Solid 5 V The Phantom Pain PS4 Music Cassette Tapes Guide

Let it be known that there is only one universal truth on this earth, and that is that cassette tapes suck. Unfortunately for Big Boss he hasn't got much of a choice, as CDs and iPods don't exist in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. While collectibles can be a pile of crud in other games, the tapes actually serve a purpose here, as they can be played on your helicopter and even listened to while you're traipsing the Afghan landscape on horseback. You don't even need to worry about the cassette getting all mangled, as your iDroid sees to all of that fiddly stuff. Here's where to find them all.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain PS4 Guides

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Metal Gear Solid 5 V The Phantom Pain PS4 Music Cassette Tapes Locations

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Music Cassette Tape Locations

Afghan Lullaby

This short but sweet little ditty can be recovered from the Wakh Sind Barracks. Look for a partially complete building and head down into the basement to recover the track. You'll find it right near to where a Prisoner of War is kept captive in the Over the Fence mission.

All the Sun Touches

Give the Munoko ya Nioka Station a good search to pick up this cassette. Remember that the music will often guide you to its location, so keep your ears (and eyes, we suppose) open.

Behind the Drapery

This one's pretty hard to miss, seeing as you should encounter it during the game's very first mission. When you infiltrate Da Wialo Kallai, you'll find this on the table in the room beneath the one containing the documents that are the focus of your infiltration objective.

Dancing with Tears in My Eyes

We've all had a boogie while in the midst of a bit of a moment! There's no time for tears when you're behind the eyepatch of Big Boss, though, so keep your eye out for this track in Ditadi Abandoned Village. You'll find it hiding beneath a canopy at the bottom of a rocky peak.

Dormant Stream

Head to the Smasei Fort and give the western guard post a good old thorough search. You should find this cassette tape there if you look properly.

The Final Countdown

An absolute classic and an essential addition to your espionage playlist. You'll find this one to the west of Sakhra Ee Village. It's in a small house, and literally right in front of the door.

Friday, I'm in Love

Robert Smith's hair may resemble that of a scarecrow's now it's lost its natural youthful loftiness, but The Cure are still very much in love with the final day of the working week. Traipse to the Lufwa Valley, and look inside the mansion in the area.


Oh, Gloria! This one's at the Nova Braga Airport – cool name, huh? – in the eastern-most building that you encounter in this area.

Heavens Divide

Spoilers! You'll find this one before facing a certain boss in Mission 30. We're not going to tell you who, though, because that would ruin the surprise. Just keep a mental note of the mission number, and have a good look around the elevator before you enter it.

How 'Bout Them Zombies, Ey?

Terrible name for a song, but fortunately this one is an easy one to find. You'll track it down at Bwala ya Masa, in the building to the east of the area.

Kids in America

Hideo Kojima's got good taste. You'll need to take a tour of Da Shago Kallai during the A Hero's Way mission, and this one just so happens to be located inside the main camp, where the Spetsnaz commander hangs out. Do yourself a favour and don't let your Walkman chew this one up – it's a good song.

Koi No Yoku Shiryoku (Love Deterrence)

This one's hidden in Da Ghwandai Khar, in the building where you helped a certain hero during the very first mission in the game. If you've played for more than a couple of hours then you know who we mean.

Love Will Tear Us Apart

It sure will. Fortunately, this cassette won't tear your brain apart, as you'll locate it in the Afghanistan Central Base Camp.


Also the name of a much better song by Nelly Furtado, but we won't judge. Head to Lamar Khaate Palace and look inside the tent near the front of the palace. No idea why Timbaland decided to stash this track there.

The Man Who Sold the World

Admit it: you've already got this one, haven't you? Of course you have, because you earn it for free by completing the prologue. We love it when a plan comes together!

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Theme

One for the franchise fans we suspect. You'll need to have played a fair amount of The Phantom Pain to recover this one – no real hardship, huh? – but you'll find it in the cellar of the Quarantine Platform that you search in Mission 43.

Midnight Mirage

Head to the north of Bampeve Plantation, and this one can be yours. If we're honest, we'd love a Midnight Mirage of our own.

Metal Gear Solid 5 V The Phantom Pain PS4 Music Cassette Tapes Collectibles


Is it safe for there to be Nitrogen in the Serak Power Plant? Who knows? Who cares? All we know is that you'll find this tape towards the north of the location.

Only Time Will Tell

You'll get this one during the C2W mission if you have a keen ear and eye. It's in the Eastern Communications Post, inside the communications building funnily enough.

A Phantom Pain

Wait, is The Phantom Pain going all meta on us? No idea, but you'll find this one in the Wakh Sind Barracks. Towards the eastern end of the location, you'll spot six small houses. The one that's fourth-furthest from the base is where the cassette hides, so seek it out and add it your blossoming collection.

Planet Scape

It's back to the Sakhra Ee Village for you. This time you'll need to look in the southern guard station.

Quiet Life

We'd definitely have a quieter life if games weren't filled with pointless collectathon quests. Wait, you're enjoying your hunt for cassettes? Well, alright, then – this one is in the Mfinda Oilfield, in the southern end of the field.

Quiet's Theme

Oh Stefanie Joosten, what incredible eyes you have. Not so sure about the caterwauling, but you'll get this one for free at the end of Mission 45. Can't complain with complimentary, even if the song is melodramatic crap.

Rebel Yell

You'll happen upon this one at the Mountain Relay Base. You'll uncover it in a building to the west of the bridge.

Ride a White Horse

D-Horse is the best white horse since that tragic accident which involved a tin of Dulux and Black Beauty. Travel to the Lamar Khaate Palace again for this one, and give the northern guard post a good old search.

She Blinded Me with Science

Well, that's not very nice – we sincerely hope that she was grounded for a week. Oh, you're just talking about the name of a cassette tape in The Phantom Pain. Alright then, we've heard this one is in a north-eastern guard post in Wialo Village.

Sins of the Father

Freebie! You'll get this one after beating a certain someone in Mission 30.

Snake Eater

A tape that's sure to prove popular, but we still reckon that The Cure's the best cassette that you'll happen upon. This one's in a guard station to the west of Munoko ya Nioka Station.

Take on Me

We'd have preferred the Reel Big Fish cover, but the A-Ha original is tolerable we suppose. Take this one from the Yakho Oboo Supply Outpost. It's on the south side of the base on the first floor, but beware: there be guards here.

Take the D.W.

This one's at the Smasei Fort, inside a tent that's being used as a communications building.

The Tangerine

Another simple one to locate, as it's in the eastern guard post at the comically named Spugmay Keep.

Too Shy

This song title speaks to your humble host. You'll find it next to an anti-air radar installation in Kiziba Camp in a tent.


Spandau Ballet deserved to be locked in Kungenga Mine about 30 years ago, so that's exactly where you'll find this classic cassette. Hopefully in a state of disrepair after being stamped on a thousand times.

You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)

One of the best songs in the game, and the perfect morale boost for your troops. You'll find this classic Dead or Alive (get it?) in the northern guard station at Lufwa Valley.

Have you collected all of the cassettes in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain yet? Are tapes the worst invention ever? Sing some eighties power ballads in the comments section below.