Tron Bonne PSone

Time to boot up eBay and offload one of your prize PSone possessions: The Misadventures of Tron Bonne is now available on the PlayStation Network. Following various ESRB leaks, Capcom has deployed the ultra-rare affair on the North American PlayStation Store for $5.99. There's good news for retro games traders, though: the digital re-release won't be coming to Europe anytime soon.

The original outing was limited to a run of just 2,000 units, which means that you can expect to pay anywhere up to $200 for a copy of the title in a box. At least, that was the case prior to this digital edition; it'll be interesting to see what impact the download has on the physical version's value. As for whether the actual game's any good or not... It's alright. Check out the gameplay footage below.

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