Risen 3 Titan Lords PS4 PlayStation 4

Y'arr, there be a ship approaching – and it be named Risen 3: Titan Lords. The latest PlayStation 3 to PlayStation 4 port to occupy these pages, Piranha Bytes has announced that its piratical escapade will be getting the 'enhanced' treatment on Sony's new-gen super machine. The re-release's due out globally on 21st August on the PlayStation Network, with a physical retail run due in select European territories on the same day. There's no word on whether the Blu-ray will sail to North America, too.

In addition to enhanced visuals – on par with 'Ultra' settings in the PC edition – this update will also include a new "volumetric cloud system", as well as all of the previous expansions, patches, and updates available for the last generation release. Whether that'll be enough to lift our review score, remains to be seen; scribe Alex Stinton described the PS3 iteration as "atrocious" in his review. Shiver me timbers!