This is exactly what it looks like

While today's live stream of Senran Kagura Estival Versus was a long one, featuring plenty of mini-games played by the voice actresses of the cast while wearing swimsuits, there was actually game footage hidden away in between all of the other, er, assets. One of the highlights was a showcase of some of the features that will be available in the character viewer, letting you get up close and personal with the girls.

Using the Vita's touch screen, not only can you touch and prod the girls, much to their embarrassment, but you can even move their breasts around with such physics that make this particular writer remember back to the days of the original Dead or Alive. PlayStation 4 users, on the other hand, can join in on the fun by entering 'hand mode', which is activated by pressing both of the analogue sticks. However, if you're more of a buttock person, you can turn your sights lower, and lift the characters' skirts to take a cheeky peek, or even spank them. Blimey.

The hands-on action doesn't end there, either, as the PS4 controller's motion sensor has been put to work. When tilted, you enter 'tickle mode', where you can tickle the girl of your fancy by shaking the controller vigorously. If you do it fast enough, not only will you slowly strip the character of their clothes, but you can reach the combo climax for a free nude pose. We're sure that this is another controversial feature to be played alone, then, much like Monster Monpiece's leveling up system.

Are you ready to chill with the girls on the beach? Start rubbing on that sun cream in the comments section below.