Final Fantasy XIV PS4 Theme

The PlayStation 4 doesn't have a great selection of themes. The official Destiny one isn't too bad, and there are a couple of other additions to the PlayStation Store that are nice enough, but there's nothing available that we'd consider essential downloads.

That's changed today, however, as the fantastic Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn static theme has ventured onto the European store. Previously only available in Japan, the theme features a beautifully drawn background image, along with a render of a few of the MMO's characters, and will liven up your console with a rather sublime accompanying musical score. There's no sign of it on the North American store front just yet, but we reckon that it'll show up sooner or later.

What do you make of the theme? Do you think that the PS4 is in desperate need of a wider selection? Customise yourself in the comments section below.

Final Fantasy XIV PlayStation 4 Theme