Between cancellations and last-minute delays, Dying Light hasn't exactly had the smoothest run up to release – but our reviews round-up is filled with messages from disgruntled gamers, asking why the title has been removed from the European PlayStation Store. Well, it seems like there have been some crossed wires between developer Techland and platform holder Sony.

Writing on the PlayStation forums, one moderator approved post appears to have gotten to the bottom of the problem. "There was an issue with the release dates," the message states. "The [original release] date was 30th January, but the developer gave the go ahead for it to be sold on 28th January. The problem is that it didn't change the date lock on the download file that it sent to Sony."

This likely explains why, even when the game was available on the PlayStation Store, you had to use the PlayStation 4's companion app to force it to download. We'll check in with the manufacturer and publisher Warner Bros to see if there's any additional information available, but it sounds like you may just have to wait until tomorrow to get your game. What a mess, huh?