We’ve already established that the current PlayStation 4 drought isn’t quite as bad as some message board pundits may lead you to believe, but there is an easy way to enhance your next generation software library for free. A smart group of gamers have launched, a website tailored to the console’s web browser which includes a slew of HTML5 games playable with the DualShock 4.

The site individually tests each submitted title with the supercharged system’s controller, and ensures that it’s a pleasant experience on the new device. Current favourites include Pac-Man, Cut the Rope, and Plants vs. Zombies, which we can confirm play like a dream on the meaty machine. Other noteworthy releases include 1945, Zombie Grinder, and Run Run Run. Alright, they’re not exactly blockbusters, but they do work fine.

According to the website’s creators, it will continue adding new games over time, meaning that this is something that you may want to bookmark for a rainy day. Obviously you’re never going to find anything on par with Killzone: Shadow Fall here, but it’s a novel concept that makes clever use of the console’s on-board browser. And, let’s be honest, who doesn’t get the urge for a spot of tower defence from time to time?