Never stop playing

Remote Play remains one of the most criminally under advertised features of the PlayStation 4. As Nintendo Wii U owners will attest, the ability to play home console quality games while using the bathroom is a massive boon. And, if a recent test by YouTube user The Phawx is anything to go by, the nifty feature may have other uses, too.

The intrepid Sony fan trekked into downtown Manhattan – approximately ten miles away from his home console – then tethered his handheld to a T-Mobile cell phone, opened the PS4 Link app, and played a few seconds of the gorgeous launch title Resogun. The results are remarkably functional.

The Phawx's LTE network was downloading at approximately six megabits-per-second, with an upload speed of 1.8mbps and a ping of about 38 milliseconds. This translated to a delay of roughly 150 milliseconds. All these incomprehensible numbers basically mean that while the game wasn't running perfectly, it was – at the very least – playable.

Most importantly of all, though, this means that it may even be possible to use Remote Play in public bathrooms as well. Welcome to the next generation of video games, ladies and gentlemen. Do you plan on exploiting this new gimmick, or do you think that it belongs in the toilet? Sound off in the comments section below.

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