Samurai Warriors 1

On the march to release in 2014 in Japan, Samurai Warriors 4 will mark the return of the main series to Sony's platforms after the third instalment launched as a Nintendo Wii exclusive, but was later ported to the PlayStation 3 in an attempt to garner further sales.

Never shy of large character rosters, Koei's fourth game will feature a cast of over 50 samurais, warlords, and ninjas. The hack and slash title will also boast two story modes: Regional Chapters tells the tales of specific generals which take place in a single area, while Unification Chapter appears to be the standard Warriors fare of conquering the land. To top it all off, you'll be able to create your own fighter and gather allies as you travel around Japan – which sounds similar to spin-off series Empires' gameplay – in Vagrant Mode.

As for gameplay changes, Samurai Warriors: Chronicles' character switching mechanic looks to be making a return, as you'll be able to jump between two allies in the heat of battle, possibly emphasising a more tactical approach to some scenarios.

Like with most newly announced Warriors games, there's no word of a Western release just yet, but we'd be surprised if an entry into the main Samurai Warriors series didn't make the journey overseas, at least to PS3. Are you already polishing your armour in anticipation? Join our ranks in the comments section below.

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