Up all night to get some

Killer Is Dead looks poised to give Yakuza’s table tennis mini-game a run for its money in the inappropriate gameplay stakes. This brand new clip – completely in Japanese – shows protagonist Mondo Zappa seemingly accumulating points by staring at an aesthetically pleasing female’s assets. After eyeing the cleavage, he then applies a pair of X-ray specs that uncover all of the dishy diva’s naughty bits.

In addition to the racy reveal, there are a few minutes of colourful combat in the second video, including a fight against a giant man who stores a tiger on his back in the form of a tattoo. Familiarise yourself with the so-called ‘gigolo mode’, and then turn your attention to the real action. We’re particularly fond of the motorcycle race against the striped feline. Yes, you read that correctly.

[source gematsu.com, via eurogamer.net]