Contrast, developer Compulsion Games’ intriguing romp through the early twenties, is set to shine its spotlight on the PlayStation 4. The game – which employs a combination of light and shadow to create platforming puzzles – has already been confirmed for the PlayStation 3, but the Canadian outfit is expanding to the next generation console, too. There’s also a PlayStation Vita branded trailer doing the rounds, but we’re yet to get confirmation of a handheld version.

“You, the mystery audience member, will play Dawn, an enigmatic young lady tasked with helping Didi as she explores the world of Contrast,” explains the developer. “You will need to use Dawn’s tricks of light and shadow, and summon up all of your improvisational skills to move the story along.”

It certainly sounds intriguing, and we adore the film noir art direction. The studio’s hoping to squeeze Contrast into the PS4’s launch lineup, which is already beginning to bulge with software. Is this on your wishlist? Let us know in the comments section below.