DualShock 4

Quantic Dream hopes to use the PlayStation 4 controller’s touchpad in order to lower the barrier of entry for its games. Chatting with Eurogamer.net following last weekend’s Digital Dragons event in Poland, company vice president Guillaume de Fondaumière hinted that the studio’s in-development next generation project may take advantage of the added interface in order to make its games more accessible to casual players.

“We're always thinking about the controller," said the French executive. “In the past we've made several propositions to Sony, who is the console manufacturer, to make sure that the controller is not a barrier to the experience for certain people who are not used to this controller.”

Previously, the studio added PlayStation Move controls to Heavy Rain, making the adventure fully playable with the motion device. It’s not going to repurpose the functionality for its upcoming title Beyond: Two Souls, but it’s still eager to attract a wider market with its titles.

“We see today the emergence of new interfaces such as the touchpad, and you've seen that, for instance, on the new PS4 controller there's going to be a touchpad-type of system so that you can interact through it,” de Fondaumière continued. “That's very interesting, and we're looking forward to designing games that are adapted to a larger audience, but I can't talk too much about it right now.”

Last week, the Parisian outfit revealed that its “very ambitious” next generation project has been in pre-production for almost a year. Details are scarce, but the title is believed to be inspired by Ray Kurzweil’s speculative novel The Singularity Is Near, hinting that it may be set in the same universe as the company's recent Kara technology demo.

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