Remember when the PlayStation Network got hacked? It was a big deal for about two months, and then everyone just sort of forgot about it. Well, everyone except the fine folks in Canada, to be precise. It turns out that a group of loyal crusaders from the land of Maple Syrup have spent the past couple of years paying lawyers’ expensive salaries in order to get justice for the data breach. Their reward: a free game, theme, or discount on PlayStation Plus.

But they were fighting for your cause, too. If you’re from Canada and had an active PSN, Qriocity, or Sony Online Entertainment account at the time of the hack, you’re totally entitled to claim. All you need to do is fill out this simple form to earn your ‘rewards’. In addition to any of the abovementioned goodies, you can also get the contents of your wallet reimbursed and claim a free month of Music Unlimited. Don’t worry if you already took advantage of the ‘Welcome Back’ promotion – you’re still eligible to participate.

Somehow, though, we doubt that this will put to bed the ongoing saga of the PSN hack. We fully expect to be reporting on further claim settlements in 2018.

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