PlayStation Mobile may be seen as Sony’s foray into the cheap and cheerful world of smartphone gaming, but it’s also allowing the platform holder to enter new discussions with traditional console publishers as well. Speaking on the latest episode of the PlayStation Blogcast, SCEA president Jack Tretton revealed that through the new cross-platform initiative, the brand is becoming a perfect location for all types of content.

“Some of the publishing parties we deal with are used to working with us on console offerings, but they’re obviously also bringing things to PC and smartphones to complement their properties,” he explained. “Potentially, we can partner with them on any content that they want to bring to market, and really any business model that they want to entertain.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Tretton talked about the current position of the PlayStation 3, noting that six years in, the system is still only half-way through its life-cycle. He also added that Hot Shots Golf is his favourite first-party franchise. You can listen to the full interview through here.