It's just a futuristic version. Let's face it - Orwell's vision didn't quite come true but if we look further into the future we can see the same ideals just in a different world.

Orwell's vision is carried forward in Mirror's Edge where the government confines and censors information that is passed through their city. Only "runners" - parkour athletes that jump from building to building - can deliver information safely.

Thus welcome Faith and Mirror's Edge, the second promising new IP from EA in as many months.

EA and developers DICE have clearly been very clever with Mirror's Edge. The colouring is attractive, the controls are simple and the story is interesting. It's the kind of game that inexperienced gamers can play and will want to play.

Without being entirely shallow, the first thing you notice about the game are the eye catching colours — particularly the contrast of blue and red. This game is almost like a showpiece as to why people should upgrade to a HD TV. Put simply it looks unreal.

But then we've known that for a good while now — it was always going to have to play well to win over the sceptics.

Mirror's Edge is so simple to control it's untrue really. Your analogue sticks work in a typical FPS style with the L1 and L2 controlling jump and slide respectively. R1 and R2 are your combat buttons. It's what happens when you combine these presses that really makes the fun happen - for example L1, R1, L1 does a wall jump and if you quickly tap R2 after that you'll be able to kick a nearby enemy. It's intuitive but from what I played is going to be a compelling system to master. I'd imagine the harder levels we'll have you jamming a whole number of buttons in order to progress through the set pieces it puts you in.

And I have high expectations for the full game. In just the short 15 minute section I played I was able to climb through vents, jump across buildings and even latch onto a helicopter. It's liberating to say the least.

There are a few more jaggies than I expected and I noticed at one point a teensy amount of screen tearing but from what I played this game is going to be a revelation.

Now all we have to hope is that the rest of the game keeps up the same dramatic pace and set pieces that the "trailer" level has been promising for so long.