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Soul Sacrifice


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Sony Computer Entertainment
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User Ratings: 34

Our Review: 8/10

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  • Guide How to Succeed As a Sorcerer in Soul Sacrifice

    Break a leg

    Soul Sacrifice is a very good game, but there’s a learning curve that every budding magician must navigate if they are to succeed in the twisted adventure. With the morally dense title now ripping up store shelves, we’ve wrapped ourselves in our favourite raiment in order to bring you some beginner’s tips for the PlayStation Vita...

  • News Soul Sacrifice Walkthrough Details the Finer Points of the Vita Exclusive

    Break a leg

    If you’re still struggling to wrap your head around the concepts of Sony’s morally dense adventure Soul Sacrifice, then this official walkthrough trailer should get you up to speed. The video – produced by PlayStation Access – details many of the more complicated mechanics from the game, and should properly prepare you for the...

  • News Keiji Inafune Already Has an Idea for a Soul Sacrifice Sequel

    Mega Man creator in talks with Sony

    Soul Sacrifice is not quite available in Europe and North America yet, but designer Keiji Inafune is already dreaming up a sequel. In an interview with IGN, the former Capcom man noted that he’s actively started discussions with Sony regarding the prospective follow-up, which we suspect will get the go-ahead...

  • Preview Doing Business with the Spirits in Sony's Twisted Soul Sacrifice

    An arm and a leg

    Soul Sacrifice, the nightmarish action title dreamed up by Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune, has already gained one stellar review in Japan, giving the PlayStation Vita a prolonged shot in the arm in the process. With the imminent Western release just a few weeks away, Sony’s released a gigantic playable demo for the title in both...

  • News Yes, Your Soul Sacrifice Demo Saves Will Be Compatible with the Full Game

    Transferring data unlocks exclusive item

    Sony has confirmed that any progress that you make in this week’s Soul Sacrifice demo will carry over to the full game. Writing on the PlayStation Blog, producer Kumi Yuasa revealed that your save data will be fully compatible with the final release – and you’ll even get a bonus item for bringing your...

  • News Sony Serving Up Soul Sacrifice Demo from 16th April

    Dissect Japan Studio's meaty blockbuster

    You won’t have to enter an awkward arrangement with the underworld in order to test out Soul Sacrifice for the PlayStation Vita. Sony’s announced that it’s serving up a sizeable demo for the monster slayer from 16th April in North America and 17th April in Europe, which will allow you to trial the...



  • News Sony Forfeiting Free Post Release Soul Sacrifice DLC

    David and Goliath

    Soul Sacrifice will be augmented with a round of extra content following its launch in Japan next month. Siliconera reports that the Monster Hunter-esque demon slaying game will be augmented with ten bonus boss battles in the weeks following release, all of which will be available to download for free from the PlayStation Store...

  • News This Is How Soul Sacrifice Is Being Advertised in Japan

    Is that dude on fire?

    Soul Sacrifice is easily the PlayStation Vita’s biggest piece of software since the system's launch in Japan, so it’s little surprise that Sony’s making a big song and dance about the release. This hyperactive fifteen second commercial uses actors to demonstrate the title’s magic-based action and co-operative gameplay...

  • News Soul Sacrifice Trailer Shows Scenic Vistas and Colossal Beasts

    One to watch

    Even if you’ve never been fond of Monster Hunter mechanics, Soul Sacrifice should absolutely be on your radar. The Keiji Inafune developed PlayStation Vita blockbuster sees you forgoing body parts in order to slay enormous monsters – some of which are made out of precious gems and gold. The game’s due out next month in Japan and...

  • News Soul Sacrifice's Scorching Soundtrack Is Suitably Epic

    Kitchen sink

    Soul Sacrifice is a pretty bonkers game. The title – designed to capitalise on the Monster Hunter craze – sees you forgoing body parts in exchange for more powerful weapons. With that premise in mind, the release always demanded a crazy soundtrack – and publisher Sony turned to one of the best composers in the business to make...


  • News Soul Sacrifice Saps Your Body and Mind from 30th April

    Monster hunter

    Enjoy your limbs while you’ve got them, because Sony has announced that it will conjure copies of Soul Sacrifice onto store shelves on 30th April in North America. The title will start slaying grotesque ogres on 1st May in Europe, with both regions securing digital releases on their respective dates. For the uninitiated amongst...


  • News Sony Celebrates Soul Sacrifice Release Date with Vita Bundle

    Worth an arm and a leg

    Soul Sacrifice is by far the PlayStation Vita’s most important exclusive in Japan. As such, it’s not especially surprising to see the platform holder lavish the title with its own hardware bundle. Announced alongside the title’s controversial release date, the special edition will include a gorgeous crimson console, a...

  • News Soul Sacrifice Sets Up Major Clash with Monster Hunter 4

    Fighting for the heavyweight title

    Sony Computer Entertainment Japan is either really brave or very stupid. The publisher has announced the Japanese release date for PlayStation Vita exclusive Soul Sacrifice – and it just so happens to fall in the same month as its main competitor Monster Hunter 4. The title's set to release on 7th March...


  • News Soul Sacrifice Looks Absolutely Stunning in Motion

    Hopeless wretch

    It may not have the brand power of Monster Hunter, but that’s not stopping Soul Sacrifice from looking absolutely incredible. Sony has released two direct-feed trailers from the Tokyo Game Show demonstrating the four-player action title's spells, weapons, character customisation and controls. They’re not the most riveting...

  • News Soul Sacrifice Forfeits Original Winter Release Date

    Battle of the beasts

    Sony’s Tokyo Game Show press conference wasn’t all good news. Indeed, the platform holder used the event to announce that Soul Sacrifice – Keiji Inafune’s twisted PlayStation Vita exclusive – will no longer release this winter. The action adventure will instead arrive next spring, which is the same window currently...


  • News Soul Sacrifice Aims to Challenge You in Painful Ways

    Surrender yourself

    As its name so eloquently elaborates, Soul Sacrifice will force you to surrender your body or belongings for power. This dynamic, according to creator Keiji Inafune, has the potential to create interesting conversations between players. "When you're playing together with your friends, it could be entertaining because it creates a...

  • News Soul Sacrifice Continues to Look Absolutely Disgusting

    Urgh, gross

    Upcoming Vita exclusive Soul Sacrifice has not been toned down since its previous public airing. Sony has released a brand new trailer which shows a lady summoning a web of blades from inside her body. It’s brutal, revolting, and totally bloody awesome. Feast your eyes on the horror below – if you dare.


  • News Soul Sacrifice Features AI Support Characters

    Forever alone

    Sony’s upcoming Monster Hunter-esque Vita exclusive Soul Sacrifice is designed to be played with other people. But the dark fantasy title will also boast a single-player mode, allowing you to progress alongside AI allies. When alone, you’ll be able to bring two computer controlled party members with you. One such character is...


  • News Keiji Inafune Dreamed Up Soul Sacrifice After Leaving Capcom

    Mega man

    It wasn’t until Keiji Inafune left Capcom that he thought up the morbid ideas behind the upcoming PlayStation Vita exclusive Soul Sacrifice. Speaking with Famitsu magazine [via Andriasang], the Mega Man creator noted that he spent a month after departing his former employer dedicated to thinking up a handful of game concepts before...

  • News Soul Sacrifice Serves Up New E3 Trailer

    Hot stuff

    Sony’s E3 press conference may have been light on new PlayStation Vita content, but there’s still plenty in the pipeline for the recently released machine. One such game that’s turning heads is Soul Sacrifice, a gritty action game that's being produced by Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune. The game – which is being described as...

  • News Soul Sacrifice Was Once Named Forsaken Souls

    Killing the mood

    Those of you awaiting another Souls related announcement at E3 will do well to temper your expectations. Sony has confirmed that a recent domain registration for Forsaken Souls was actually related to the upcoming Soul Sacrifice. Posting on the

  • News Soul Sacrifice Is Coming to Europe and North America

    Buy your soul

    Keiji Inafune's pretty awesome-looking Soul Sacrifice will reach the West, Sony's announced. No word on when the game will reach Vitas outside Japan but we're guessing it won't be for a good five or six months yet. Until then, just enjoy watching this video from Keiji Inafune and talk about it all in the comments below.


  • News Debut Soul Sacrifice Trailer Focuses on Self Mutilation


    After weeks of speculation, Sony has finally released the first official trailer for its upcoming Vita exclusive Soul Sacrifice. The game is being developed in collaboration with Marvelous AQL and former Capcom man Keiji Inafune. The trailer is light on gameplay, but it does highlight the title’s sacrifice mechanic. In a gruesome scene, the...

  • News First Soul Sacrifice Screens Are Grotesque

    Strong stomach

    Famitsu magazine has uploaded the first screenshots of Sony and Marvelous AQL’s upcoming PlayStation Vita exclusive Soul Sacrifice. The title – which is being worked on by former Capcom man Keiji Inafune – revolves around the concept of sacrifice, and sees players forgoing body parts in order to usher gruesome magical attacks...