Skate 4

Skate 4

PlayStation 4
Electronic Arts


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  • News Skate 4 Hopes in Tatters After EA Leaves Trademark to Expire

    At least in heaven I can skate

    Electronic Arts has had a pretty disastrous generation. Its reputation has gone down the toilet in recent years, thanks primarily to its fascination with microtransactions and "surprise mechanics". That's not the only reason, though; its games have been generally uninspired, safe, and lacklustre experiences, and many...


  • E3 2018 Where the Hell Was Skate 4 at EA's Press Conference?

    Face plant

    There was a big, skateboard-shaped hole in EA’s big E3 2018 press conference today: where was Skate 4? Expectations, as they so often are, were raised to astronomical levels earlier this week when the publisher unceremoniously re-enabled Skate 3’s servers on last-gen consoles. Many, perhaps not unreasonably, assumed that it signalled...

  • News Skate 3's Restarted Servers Spark Skate 4 Speculation

    E3 2018 announcement inbound?

    Remember a while back when a group of Skate fans rallied together to spam the message "#Skate4" on all of EA's Instagram posts? And then an EA employee Tweeted out the hashtag, which of course went viral? Rumours surrounding a possible Skate 4 have been on and off for some years now, but a fresh clue has emerged, and...