Knack 2

Knack 2


PlayStation 4
Sony Computer Entertainment
Japan Studio


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User Ratings: 30

Our Review: 8/10

Knack 2 News


  • News Sony Files New Trademark for the One and Only Knack

    Back in Knack

    Is Knack coming back?! PlayStation's most prodigious platforming hero hasn't been seen since the (honestly, rather good) Knack 2, which released back in 2017 — so we're coming up on five whole Knack-less years, if you can believe it. Anyway, Sony's filed a new Knack trademark in Japan, which has all of us Knackers on the edge of our...


  • News Knack 2 Among Best Game Nominations at BAFTA Children's Awards

    Other Sony games also in the mix

    Yes, you read that right -- before the year is out, Knack 2 could be crowned Best Game at the British Academy Children's Awards. With the series reduced to a meme at this point, we're sure the internet will be thrilled to see the sequel recognised as worthy of such an award. On a serious note, it's worth remembering...


  • News Knack 2 Bombed at Apocalyptic Proportions in Japan

    That's the last we'll see of him

    Knack 2 flopped so hard in Japan that no one even noticed. As always, the Japanese sales charts released yesterday spotlighting the Top 20 software releases in the Eastern region. Japan Studio’s sequel didn’t make the grade, and very few were even aware that it had launched during the tracking period (28th...

  • Interview Yakking About Knack 2 with Composer Anthony Willis

    Knack is back, Jack

    Shortly before the release of Sony’s Knack 2 we got the chance to sit down with the game’s composer, Anthony Willis, and discuss with him some elements of his process for crafting the score for the latest in Sony’s platforming series. Anthony has previously worked on many film projects such as How to Train Your Dragon 2,...


  • Guide Knack 2 Hints and Tips for Surviving the Knackening

    Attacks & gadgets

    Knack 2 is a much more approachable title than its predecessor with an accessible default difficulty for all, but that doesn't mean it's a total cakewalk. Here are five hopefully helpful tips for making your experience an even more enjoyable one. Take advantage of the heavy punch Every one of the core abilities that you...

  • Feature How to Prepare for the Second Coming of Knack

    The Knackening is upon us

    The glorious return of our PlayStation Lord and Saviour Knack is almost upon us. If you have not yet welcomed the greatest hero of our age into your life, then worry not, as you still have time to atone for your ignorance. How, you ask? Well for starters, you can follow the instructions that we've laid bare below. Complete...


  • News Try Out Knack 2 with Free PS4 Demo Today

    Knack's back, baby

    Knack 2 has secured a sneaky PlayStation 4 demo ahead of its 5th September release. Already available on the European PlayStation Store – and presumably set to follow on American storefronts when they update later today – the taster takes you through the title’s Monastery level, which is a bit of a tutorial as we understand...

  • News Knack 2 Continues to Look Legitimately Awesome

    Got the Knack

    This is not a joke: Knack 2 looks really fun. It’s no surprise, of course, as we said a similar thing at E3 2017 – but given the meme status of the original, it’s worth reminding everyone that the sequel looks like a monumental improvement. Don’t get us wrong, it’s not going to win any Game of the Year awards – but the...


  • News Knack 2 Development Started Before Sony Had Approved It

    That's passion

    The team at Japan Studio are so passionate about Knack that they started working on the sequel before Sony had even given the project approval. “We were already evaluating prototypes before [the platform holder gave us the greenlight],” one team member told IGN as part of a behind-the-scenes interview on the game. “It was fun...

  • E3 2017 Sony Actually Went and Made Knack Good

    Pinch yourself

    Knack is the butt of all PlayStation jokes, but its sequel looks surprisingly excellent. The game’s director – and PlayStation 4 architect – Mark Cerny has talked at length about how his team at Japan Studio took feedback from the original on board, and while we don’t expect Knack 2 to be winning any awards, it looks like a...

  • E3 2017 Sony's Commitment to Budget Releases Continues

    Knack for it

    Last year, Sony had massive success with the release of Ratchet & Clank. The game was, of course, excellent to begin with – but its huge success was aided by a lower than usual $39.99 price point. And it’s a strategy that the platform holder looks set to continue as it pushes the PlayStation 4 outside of its hardcore demographic...

  • E3 2017 Knack 2 Strikes Back This September on PS4

    Knack in the saddle

    Knack's back, baby! The quirky PlayStation 4 hero returns in Knack 2, and the sequel now has a release date. Announced during Sony's E3 2017 press conference pre-show, Knack 2 launches on the 5th September. Yep, it's not too far away. You can check out the title's latest trailer above, too.  Is Knack 2 on your radar, then?...

  • E3 2017 Knack 2 Genuinely Looks Unironically Good

    I'll be Knack

    Industry veteran – and PlayStation 4 architect – Mark Cerny appeared on Geoff Keighley’s PlayStation Live stream earlier today to show off Knack 2, and to the surprise of everyone… It actually looks really very good. While the original release was a very simplistic platforming affair, the sequel appears to be upping the variety...


  • News Knack 2 Promises a Candid Response to Fans' Complaints

    Knack from the dead

    In a world where we’re still waiting for a sequel to Puppeteer, it’s awkward to think that Knack 2 exists at all. Japan Studio’s launch title became a critical punch bag when it launched back on the PlayStation 4 in 2013, drawing ire from critics expecting something a little more exciting alongside a new piece of hardware...