Zone of the Enders HD Collection

Zone of the Enders HD Collection

PlayStation 3
Kojima Productions


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Zone of the Enders HD Collection News


  • News Metal Gear Rising Demo Includes Free Copy of ZoE HD

    Couldn't resist

    We know it’s the oldest “joke” in the book, but we still remember when people purchased the original Zone of the Enders just to play the demo for Metal Gear Solid 2. As such, it’s funny that the visually re-mastered Zone of the Enders HD still can’t seem to escape from the shadow of Kojima Productions’ other more popular...


  • News Sony Japan Promo Video Pushes HD Collections

    Back to life

    What does a pretty Japanese lady applying make-up have to do with the recently announced Yakuza 1 & 2 HD Edition? Well, yeah, we suppose there’s a metaphor in there – but either way, it’s still a strange way to kick-off a trailer designed to promote a handful of upcoming PS3 re-masters. The video includes footage of the...

  • News Zone of the Enders HD Trailer Will Make You Wish You Didn't Have Ears

    Awful racket

    Look, we like Asian music. Kara’s Step was one of our favourite jams of 2011, and not just because we particularly enjoyed the video. But this new Zone of the Enders HD Collection trailer is a bit too saccharine for our tastes. We've embedded the footage below, so feel free to traumatise your eardrums if you dare. Oh, and before you...

  • News Metal Gear Rising and ZoE HD Join Eurogamer Expo

    Konami commits

    Konami is bringing big guns Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, PES 2013 and Zone of the Enders HD Collection to this year's Eurogamer Expo. The host also teased another incredible announcement from Konami, so if you're a fan of the publisher and its top talent you might want to book those tickets soon. Konami's fare joins other high...


  • News Metal Gear Rising Demo Included with Zone of the Enders HD


    Zone of the Enders is destined to live in Raiden’s pronounced shadow. Just like Metal Gear Solid 2 before it, Hideo Kojima has revealed that the upcoming Zone of the Enders HD Collection will include early access to the Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance demo. If you don’t want to buy Zone of the Enders, the demo will be made available...


  • News Zone of the Enders HD Confirmed for Autumn

    At last

    Kojima Productions has finally attached a more specific release date to its Zone of the Enders HD Collection for PlayStation 3. The title – which previously carried the vague “2012” release date – is now due out in the Autumn. Unfortunately, the window doesn’t extend to the previously announced PS Vita version of the same game. For...