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Max Payne 3


PlayStation 3
Rockstar Vancouver


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User Ratings: 96

Our Review: 8/10

Max Payne 3 News


  • Who Would Win Wednesdays Aiden Pearce vs. Max Payne

    Round 18

    With Push Square member ztpayne7 calling last week's edition of Who Would Win Wednesdays "probably the strangest matchup I've seen here", we've decided to scale things back a little and put together a fight between two more recognisable characters for today's match. That's not to say, of course, that our previous duel was duff, despite its...


  • News Max Payne 3 Swallows Its Final Dose of DLC Next Week

    Deathmatch made in heaven

    The final jolt of Max Payne 3 content will be injected into the North American PlayStation Network next week, publisher Rockstar Games has announced. European players will need to go cold turkey until 30th January, when the expansion is due to arrive overseas. It will set you back £7.99/$9.99, or will be free if you own a...


  • News Max Payne 3 DLC Prompts Painful Memories Next Week

    Close your mind

    Max Payne 3 will have to endure Painful Memories next week, when the third-person shooter’s latest oft-delayed DLC pack targets the PlayStation Store. From 4th December, players will be able to unlock access to four new maps, including the Roscoe street subway stage from the original game. The expansion will also add the IMG 5.56...


  • News Rockstar Launches Max Payne 3's Cheater Pool

    Don't get caught

    If you’ve enjoyed being a deviant online in Max Payne 3, then it’s perhaps time you considered changing your ways. Rockstar Games has officially launched the title's Cheater Pool overnight, which will see offending players branched out into an isolated playlist away from honest gamers. You’ll know if you’ve been caught if...


  • News Get a Taste for Local Justice in New Max Payne 3 DLC Trailer

    Banged up

    Local justice might sound like a delicate means of reprimanding miscreants, but it’s actually nothing of the sort. Rockstar Games has released a brand new trailer honing in on the recently announced Max Payne 3 DLC pack, and it focuses much more prominently on gun shots than stern telling offs. You’ll be able to grab the expansion...

  • News Max Payne 3 Serves Up Local Justice on 3rd July

    Behind bars

    Rockstar’s popular sequel Max Payne 3 will get its first dose of DLC on 3rd July, the company has announced. The Local Justice pack will add a host of fresh content to the multiplayer component of the third-person shooter, including three new maps and a handful of new weapons and character customisation options. In response to missing...

  • News Rockstar Moving Max Payne 3 Cheaters into Quarantine

    Don't get caught

    Rockstar has announced an interesting solution for dealing with the “miscreants” ruining Max Payne 3’s multiplayer component – move them into quarantine. Writing on its official blog, the developer revealed that it is aware that “a small minority of players are spoiling the Max Payne 3 multiplayer experience for honest...


  • News Max Payne 3 Ships Three Million Copies Worldwide

    Rockstar reloads

    It looks like you’re fans of Max Payne’s gritty, macabre narrative. Publisher Take-Two announced overnight that it has shipped three million copies of Max Payne 3 since its release last week. The game shot straight to the top of the UK sales charts, beating out Blizzard’s hotly anticipated PC exclusive Diablo III. You can find...

  • News Max Payne 3 Tops UK Sales Charts

    Number one with a bullet

    There’s still hope for the struggling UK games market after all, as Max Payne 3 has become the best selling new release of the year after beating out PC exclusive Diablo III by 8,000 units. The rebooted Rockstar shooter outsold Max Payne 2 by a ratio of 10:1, with PS3 enjoying a fair share of the sales. FIFA Street moved...

  • News Free Max Payne 3 DLC Lets You Dress as a Gorilla

    Guerrilla warfare

    If you’re finding the sombre tone of Max Payne’s latest adventure a little bit overwhelming, know that Rockstar’s added something a little more playful to the PlayStation Store. Available for free right now is the Gorilla Warfare DLC pack, an addition which allows you to kit yourself out as a primate in multiplayer. Wearing...

  • News Favourite Faces Return to Max Payne 3

    Nostalgic names

    Amongst the new faces (and haircuts) set to debut in the upcoming Max Payne 3, you might be craving the stability of something similar. That’s not a problem, as Rockstar has revealed the first details regarding the title’s Classic Character Pack. Available as part of the game’s Special Edition, the DLC adds eight beloved...

  • News Max Payne 3 Launch Trailer Leaps into Sight

    Armed and ready

    With just under a week to go until Max Payne 3 hits store shelves, publisher Rockstar Games has released the title’s official launch trailer. The cinematic short shows off the sequel’s impressive graphics technology, concluding with a big “made with in-game footage” boast. You know what they say: if you’ve got it, flaunt...

  • News Register Your Max Payne 3 Crew at Rebooted Rockstar Website

    Team up

    It’s true what they say: a problem shared is a problem halved. So you’ll almost certainly want to take advantage of the upcoming Max Payne 3’s Crews system, which allows you to team up with friends (and strangers) to complete cumulative group goals. While the game is still roughly a week away from release, Rockstar has updated its...

  • News Posse Up for Max Payne 3 Multiplayer Trailer

    So solid crew

    It looks like Rockstar spent a long time playing Killzone 3 before designing Max Payne 3’s multiplayer component. The title’s narrative based game type, Gang Wars, sounds a lot like Killzone’s Operations mode, with dynamically changing objectives and cinematic cut-scenes punctuating the action. Thankfully, Max Payne 3 has a few...

  • News Rockstar Reveals DLC Roadmap for Max Payne 3

    Big plans

    As part of a statement released this afternoon, Rockstar’s revealed a robust schedule of post-release content for its upcoming Max Payne 3. New “multiplayer maps, modes, bursts, items, playable characters, challenges and more” are all set to release on PS3 throughout the coming months. The first DLC pack will arrive in June, and will...


  • News New Max Payne 3 Trailer Composes a Symphony of Death

    High drama

    Bullet Time has appeared in numerous first and third-person shooters since the original Max Payne released on PlayStation 2 back in 2002. But the upcoming Max Payne 3 hopes to make the aged mechanic feel fresh again thanks to improvements in physics, control and AI technology. As this video demonstrates, it’s the same ability you...


  • News Max Payne 3 Multiplayer Gameplay Revealed

    Death Max

    Rockstar Games has raised the curtains on Max Payne 3’s multiplayer component. The footage (embedded below) focuses on the integration of Payne’s signature gameplay elements, including bullet time. The developer said: Max Payne 3 introduces Max Payne’s signature special ability, Bullet Time to multiplayer for the first time. Based...

  • News Pop Pills with Max Payne 3 Pre-order Bonus

    Payne killers

    Rockstar Games would like to reward your early interest in Max Payne 3 with a packet of pills. Not really of course, the “Pill Bottle” is simply an additional bonus offered to gamers who pre-order the upcoming third-person shooter before 15th April. The in-game item unlocks the ability to “carry extra painkillers”. As a result,...


  • News Meet Max Payne 3's Latest Death Dealer

    Built like a tank

    Rockstar’s used the “shove media down your throat” approach to its recent titles alarmingly well, but we get the feeling that when Max Payne 3 was delayed earlier in the year, the developer’s PR team was left scrambling for new footage to pad out the months until the game's new release. The team "brilliantly"...

  • News New Max Payne 3 Trailer Shares the Story

    Time to rescue the girl

    Max Payne 3 isn't far away, and gamers of a certain vintage no doubt hope that it can live up to the high standards set by Max Payne and Max Payne 2. With Rockstar Games producing this new entry, it'll be interesting to see how this third title will vary from its predecessors. One area where it's set to carry on as normal is...

  • News Latest Max Payne 3 Trailer Focuses on Firepower

    Scraping the barrel?

    Rockstar’s multiple trailer marketing strategy has proved extremely successful for previous releases, but we can’t help but feel this latest Max Payne 3 footage – which hones in on the titular star’s “608 Bull Revolver” – is a bit, well, unnecessary. Still, we suppose it’s hard to complain about an additional 30...