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@RogerRoger I enjoyed First Light - and even streamed it live on Twitch back in the day - but having fallen in love with Second Son, I guess I might have played FL too soon after it, and couldn't help but compare them. A longer gap would have helped. First Light seemed centred around a relatively small suite of powers, whereas Second Son has a lot more - and I found the variety better to mix up both gameplay and my approach to certain situations. I think you'll enjoy them both tbh - and Happy New Year while I'm at it!

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2022 Goals

1. 8 Platinums
Self explanatory. I haven’t had a platinum goal for a couple years. Last year I got 7, so I think this is achievable,

2. Write 6 Game Reviews
I like to share my thoughts about the games I play. I just need to try to do it more consistently.

3. Expand into new gaming areas:

  • Play 1 FromSoftware Game
    This is a carry over from a goal not achieved last year and should be one of the first to get accomplished in 2022 with Demon’s Souls (I know, I know - it’s actually a BluePoint game but it’s still a From game at its core…)
  • Play 1 Multiplayer or Co-op game
    Either one of the dozens of F2P games or even one of the tons of giveaways from PS Plus - I have so many MP games in the library that I have completely ignored.
  • Play 2 Racing Games
    I have couple sitting in my library like Wreckfest and now Dirt 5, not to mention GT7 coming soon. I’d like to try at least 2.
  • Play 4 Horror / Zombie Games
    I have a ton of these in the library that I need to get played. TLoU2, Days Gone, RE4-7, heck even the last season of TWD that I never played.

4. Non-Gaming Escapades

  • Exercise, Reading, catch up on TV and movies, and develop a new hobby or interest.
    I hope to exercise 4 days a week, Read some books this year, try to decrease the size of my TV and movie backlog, and hopefully find something new to smooth out my inner character.

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@purplemouse I'll keep that in mind, then, and maybe leave returning to First Light until I've completed a few different games after Second Son. Thanks and yes, Happy New Year to you, too!


@Th3solution Looking forward to those reviews, as and when you're able! Good goals, best of luck!

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Finish all the Resident Evil games, I've only ever beaten 1, 2, and 4 but after seeing how Village seems to be goty for a lot of people im going to go back and try and finish them all before I play it.



1. Demon's Souls platinum.
2. Elden Ring platinum.
3. Salt and Sacrifice platinum.
4. Horizon Forbidden West platinum.

That should be enough to go on for now...

Good job, Parappa. You can go on to the next stage now.

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@RogerRoger The Wii U failed for a reason, its most successful hardware feature was merely a vastly more limited version of what the Switch would go on to successfully run with (off-TV play), and even the unique experiences that could occasionally be had with the GamePad should also have been doable with a PS4 and a mobile device via Playlink anyway, but... I dunno. It was still a pretty neat system, and for a console that flopped as hard as it did, it still accumulated a surprisingly decent first-party library. In terms of Nintendo's consoles, it's probably middle-of-the-pack for me overall.

Of course, with Nintendo systematically strip-mining all of its exclusive games for first-party Switch ports, it's also pretty pointless now, so it'll never be one of those devices that has a lingering retro appeal like the Dreamcast. I mainly keep mine around since it doubles as a Wii, although I do still have a few games I need to play on it.

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@RogerRoger You won’t have to wait long. I have the first one cooking, and it’s one I think you’ll be especially interested in.

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@Ralizah Yeah, I often wonder if the Wii U's first-party exclusives would've been so solid if the console had done better. In trying to rescue it from obscurity, Nintendo did deliver some absolute belters and, whilst it's a shame that most people will forever associate those games with the Switch now, I think it's great that they've been shared with a wider audience on the latest hardware. Locking them on a doomed console would've been tragic (even if, as you say, it makes the Wii U itself even more redundant).


@Th3solution Oh, neat! And I see an unread reply in the review topic, too!


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Resolutions I can achieve

1) Don't eat parsnips
2) Don't play FIFA
3) Make time for my PS5

Hopefully I can achieve resolutions this year!

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@Ralizah i think the nintendo wii is pretty legendary . i still have mine & games downloaded from the wii-shop on it . i can play all 3 of my favorite smash games on it - smash 64 installed , and i have a melee and brawl disc , i love it

now if i only knew people here that played smash bros , i could have an amazing smash party...oh , yeah and of course i have ultimate too.. ugh . wouldn't be a true smash party without the latest one i guess.



I'm not doing any big New Years Resolutions for 2022. I'm pretty glad with where I'm at gaming wise right now.

I could say "stop hunting trophies", but then I am reminded that I had a lot of fun going for the platinum trophy in Death's Door.

I could say something about a backlog, but during last year I have been pretty carefree about my backlog and still played and finished so many games.

For every resolution I can think of, I can think of a reason not to.

I do have a few games I want to play and beat: Death Stranding, The Last of Us Part II, Nier Replicant and Automata, and Resident Evil VII. Those are the essential PS4 games in my opinion that I haven't beaten yet.

So if I'm able to cross of most from that list, I'd consider my resolutions achieved!



I think my gaming resolution for 2022 is to give indie games more of a chance. I generally do play those "indie darlings" that everyone shouts about, but it doesn't ever really go beyond that. I've been very picky with indie games in the past, and I'd like to break though that.

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1. Collecting more PS3, PS4, PS2, NDS, 3DS games.
2. Try to get Beatmania IIDX 13 DistorteD PS2.
3. Try to get at least 4 Switch games during year 2022.
4. Try to get either XBOX or XBOX 360 machine + Kinect.
5. Try to get at least 3 PS5 games during year 2022.

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1. Dance Dance Revolution
2. Para Para Paradise
3. DrumMania
4. Beatmania IIDX
5. Pop'n Music
6. KeyboardMania
7. Martial Beat

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@LiamCroft I feel like that should've been one of mine, too, but then I look at my backlog of glossy Triple-A blockbusters and enticing licenced games and just know that I'd end up failing it. Good luck!

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I never do too well with these resolutions. 😂

1. Continue writing reviews - Last year I set an amount (1/3 of what I completed), but realise that setting an arbitrary goal is counterproductive. This year I'll keep it simple. It's a habit I'd like to continue, without putting pressure on myself, so that's what I shall do.

2. Replay the entirety of the Halo series - I love Halo and will do what it says on the tin (apart from the Wars strategy games). Also never played Halo 5, so will tackle that before I get to Infinite.

3. Clear more of my backlog - There are some very old things I'd like to finally play. I won't set a figure, but seeing as there aren't too many games I'm interested in buying this year, this should hopefully be achievable. As part of this I also want to play through the PS5 games I already own, including digital, so that a backlog doesn't develop for the system the same way it did for the PS4.

4. Replay old favourites - Make time to replay games I particularly love. Tope of the list is Chrono Trigger, which I've been meaning to play again for years, and the Kingdom hearts games.

5. Broaden my gaming horizons a little more - Last year I went out of my comfort zone with Streets of Rage 4, so will see if I can play something in a genre I'm not too familiar with.



1 Complete a Souls-type title. Be it Bloodborne, Elden Ring, Nioh or indeed, Souls.

2 Complete God of War. Multiple attempts have been made. Going to try and get over the hill.

3 Use my Switch I don't think I even turned it on last year. Since I received Dread and Pokemon Diamond I probably should at least show some willing.

4 Don't be so cheap The wishlist function has become a catch-all for titles of interest while I wait for ridiculously deep sales that (may) never come.

5 Outside of gaming I'd like to cycle more, learn a little more Spanish and reduce my screen time.



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