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@Rudy_Manchego The main issue is the battery. The technology is there to make a PS4 in a handheld essentially but the battery life would suffer - powering a 1080p screen, running at sufficient speed etc. When you look at the size of a SoC - just look at the size of the Scorpio's for example which is 3.5x the power of a PS4 but they could reduce the size down for the 1.86tflops to match the PS4. Stick on 8GB RAM and link that all together on a Motherboard - together with a decent flash memory (look at the size of a micro SD card - I know a 512GB is expensive but shows its possible - and that's assuming they keep a comparative storage capacity). Cooling would be an issue as well but the biggest problem would still be battery life - especially if you wanted to keep the weight and size down - to run all that, keep it cool and make it at a 'competitive' cost.

This is the Switch Teardown - look at the size of the motherboard (the odd shaped circuit board), the chip etc and there is quite a bit of 'space' on that motherboard that isn't utilised. Its also tiny - maybe a third of the size of the Switch itself. If Sony went for a 7.2" touchscreen, the size of an iPod mini for example, yes it maybe 'bigger' but would enable a bigger motherboard to fit a bigger SoC and more RAM too. No doubt it would be heavier and possibly thicker with the need for more cooling and a bigger battery to power it all. If they kept with 'fixed' controllers, that would enable more room to spread the build out. It does make it less 'pocket' friendly but its still as portable as an iPad.

Like I said, I have no doubts its possible. The main problem is the cost in making it and then selling at a competitive price. I doubt it would make financial sense though

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