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Calling all Freedom Wars players!

Some friends and I are collecting Panopticon flags for Freedom Wars' anniversary. Wait a minute, PTs have flags? Well, it turns out those big screens in the Warren actually have a unique design for every ‘Con, based on the flag of your city or country! We're making a photo mosaic of Sinners and their PT flags to celebrate the global community of Freedom Wars.

All you need to do is get dolled up, go down to the Warren (or the multiplayer lobby), and take a nice screenshot of you and your PT’s flag (you may have to wait a bit for the flag screen to be clear of Percy and other junk). Examples:


Check out the project's homepage, for more great shots.

Feel free to post them in this thread, on Twitter or Tumblr with the hashtag #FWflag, or send them to [email protected]

We need as many submissions as possible for the photo mosaic - any Sinner from any PT is encouraged to join in, no matter how many submissions we've gotten from that 'Con!

The deadline is Oct 29th, the anniversary of Freedom Wars' complete global release. Spread the word out to 'Cons big and small!

We're also doing something similar with Japanese players under the hashtag #JPPTflags. There’s been a tremendous response already and some really great shots, if you need inspiration!

Photography tips:
-hold the left trigger to zoom in!
-the "flag" above the Warren entry and the one across from Zakka are popular locations.
-If you’re doing it in a multiplayer lobby, you can get a clean screenshot by going in and out of your start menu and taking a cap in the split second before the lobby displays appear. If that's too finicky, just try to take it so we can crop out the onscreen elements.
-you can do an emote pose in the multiplayer lobby (either alone or in a group), just select one from the touch menu. Any emote you pick will hold/continue as you pause/unpause, allowing you to do the pause menu trick and get a shot clean of on-screen text.

For questions or more info, just post in this thread or contact @sinner_delfuego(me) or @diabolik_heart on Twitter. Thank you for your time, and Let’s Kouken!

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Hi again, Sinners!

There is now ONE WEEK LEFT to submit Panopticon flags! Come join dozens of Sinners from all around the globe and the web as we celebrate Freedom Wars' first anniversary! Just take a quick screenshot, post it here in the thread, submit it to (you don't need a tumblr account for anonymous submissions) or send it off to [email protected]

All sinners from all PTs are encouraged to participate - we will use every submission we get! Show us YOUR PT Pride!

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Sorry but creating a thread to advertise is against the rules here, if you'd like put a link to your project in your signature.

Thanks for understanding.

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