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so who do we think will win the premier league? that arsenal united game was cool but i think united should have won and didnt even play that well with no real DM/RB or ST. has interesting odds on this season. Sure arsenal need some improvements but think united are more scary long term. if they sign kane or vlahovic and get 100% sancho its going to be scary.

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@camolftw Arsenal have basically won it already I’d say. They’re too clinical to throw it away with this lead and a game in hand, especially if they win the match against Man City in February. Man Utd are definitely in good form but I’m not sure they can catch up in time. If anything, I could see Newcastle beating them for 3rd.

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I'd be surprised if Man U get Kane or another striker in this transfer window. One of the reasons they got Weghorst on loan is that they are waiting to go big on a transfer for a striker in the summer.

Man City can still go on a run of not losing games like they have done in the past. They can pretty relentless at times. 5 points is nothing at this stage of season, at just over the half way mark.

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Anyone else watching the Wrexham cup game? Ever since watching the tv series I've kept an eye on how they are doing. Although it will make watching the next series less dramatic.


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