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I think we all have a selection of games where our experiences with them fly in the face of popular opinion, but I was wondering if you guys had any specific games that you:

a) loved - but almost everyone else disliked or reviewed poorly
b) disliked - but almost everyone else loved or reviewed highly

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I can't think of any games I loved that everyone else hated, but in terms of games that everyone else loved that I hated, the game that strongly stands out is Okami.

I just couldn't get into this game. At all. The art style was beautiful, but everything else I hated. The boring and easy combat, always locking you into tiny arenas. The incredibly linear dungeons. The puzzles being so simple. The writing that wasn't that funny and quite offensive. Just nothing clicked for me, and I'm a huge Zelda fan so I thought that this would be an instant love from me. I played around 15 hours and ended up giving up, I just kept on waiting to enjoy the game and never did unfortunately!



I LOVE these games but peoples don't care or don't like it at all.
1. Para Para Paradise
2. Dance Dance Revolution
3. Petz series by Ubisoft
4. Imagine series by Ubisoft
5. Cooking Mama games

I HATE these games but peoples keep playing.
1. Every single rated 18+ games
2. Fortnite
3. Roblox
4. Smash Bros
5. Just Dance
6. Marvel, Western Super heroes games

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My Favorite Rhythm games
1. Dance Dance Revolution
2. Para Para Paradise
3. DrumMania
4. Pop'n Music
5. Beatmania IIDX
6. MaiMai
7. Taiko no Tatsujin
8. Dance Evolution
9. Sound Voltex
10. Mambo-A-Gogo

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Witcher 3
Uncharted 4, style over story
Last of Us 2, can not realistically put into words how much of a let down this game was. It was one of the few franchises I liked which was exclusive to Playstation. Naughty Dog was one of my main reasons for staying with Sony it made the decision to change console next generation a lot easier.



I guess the obvious one is Deadly Premonition. It’s a janky mess but it’s lovably odd.
Don Bradman Cricket 14 is fun, especially when you don’t know the controls.

Hate’s a strong word but I can’t bring myself to finish FF7 Remake. It’s just an absolute mess of clashing ideas and tones. Combat’s alright but the plot is irritatingly absurd.
Not a fan of Horizon as small issues build up to just annoy me. I just find the whole thing exceedingly boring.
I have many many issues with Bloodborne. I don’t hate the game but the pacing’s all off and it forgets to be a challenge after maybe about Shadows of Yharnam.

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1) Hello, I'm a Sonic fan.
2) Um...
3) ...that's it.

1) Not sure I've ever actively hated a game, to be fair, but then I'm selective.

1) Red Dead Redemption, probably because I was a latecomer but also because my kinda Wild West is of the campy Hollywood variety, not of the gruesome Rockstar variety. Long stretches of it bored me, and I didn't really warm to any of its characters.
2) Mass Effect 2 is fine and dandy, but it's the weakest game of the original trilogy, whereas people seem to be of the consensus that it's the opposite.
3) Same story with Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. It does the job, but I'm not a fan of how it handles certain characters, and everything post-convoy is a slog.
4) I won't put Final Fantasy VII in here (because I haven't finished it yet and that'd be unfair) but I have a sneaking suspicion that, if you'd have asked this question in a couple weeks, this is where it'd fall.

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Hmm this is a hard one for me. I would guess I struggle with the ones I love but others don't.


Bound on PSVR. - One of the first games but loved the combination of the music and imagery though I can accept it is possibly a little TOO indie for its own good. It reviewed fairly average for a game of its type I think.

Terminator: Resistance - This game did not review badly but was certainly overlooked. It is certainly low budget AA fair but it has a deep reverance for the source material and is easily the Terminator sequel we should have got after T2. Plus the pew pew sounds excellent.

Stories: Path of destinies - one of my favourite PS PLus games. Didn't review badly but I liked this quirky narrative tale I played it to death to get the platinum and see all the story paths. It was well made, narrated and fun to play.


Hate is too strong a word but here are the games I couldn't quite get the love others heap on it.

Doom 2016 - well made game, plays really well but for me it was exactly the same gameplay loop over and over. Go into area, baddies spawn, take them out as gorily as possible, scrounge ammo, repeat. It was fun but I got slightly bored of it by the end.

Super Mario Odyssey - again, not a bad game and I would state I did not spend that long on the end game but I enjoyed it, finished it then moved on. I didn't feel it was as memorable as earlier 3D Mario games I enjoyed - though I am a Sunshine fan so maybe I don't know what makes a good 3D Mario game. The game was good but the love and praise it got as a classic confused me.

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1. Ark - I just love taming dinosaurs

1. Control - To me, it just feels like a game version of a Stanley Kubrick film, which I like to watch, but don't like to play. The draw for me was the idea of using all these powers in the game and the powers to me felt... Underwhelming? Idk.
2. Borderlands 3 - I really really tried with this one. I got really far into it before I gave up. But the guns all felt the same until a certain point. And maybe I'm just not into the looter shooter genre, but the loot was just not exciting for me after a while. It just felt like junk I was constantly sorting through/throwing away. It was like, "Green, green, green, gray, green, gray, gray... Hey! An orange!... Oh but it's just a stronger version of a gun I already have". The humor and the abilities were fun but that only went so far. Hate's a strong word, but just an overwhelming "meh"

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It's difficult to name a game that "almost everyone hated", because here on Push Square I've always managed to find others that share my opinion on a game.

  • Excite Truck: in my opinion one of the hidden Wii gems, didn't understand why others didn't go wild for this game. To date it still feels like one of the best uses of the Wii remote, to have it acting as a steer, but also to maneuver your car in the air.
  • MediEvil Remastered: I've seen many pretty harsh reviews, and gamers that were underwhelmed with it. Saying it hadn't aged well, et cetera. I actually thought the game stood the test of time, and was way more fun than most other games released today, because of the diversity in gameplay. Sure, it's clunky, but that's often a side effect of a game seeking the boundaries within its own framework. That's ambition (not saying the remake is ambitious, but rather that the original is).
    Feel like many judged this game for insofar the remake was what they had wanted to see in a remake, instead of judging the remake by his own merit. Expectation is often a mood killer.
  • A game I really didn't like was Transistor. The way the story was told made me completely uninterested. Felt like the story was kind of irrelevant, and didn't try at all to get me engaged. "Yeah, some stuff happened, and there are some bad creatures, suppose you should just kill them" was how the game felt like playing. And I think the main reason is that story and gameplay were totally disconnected from each other. The sword would just talk while running through a level, and what the sword was telling hardly had anything to do with the level you were in. Felt like I was listening to an audio book, while doing the same battle over and over again.
    Because that's the other flaw of the game: its battle system. There are about two tactics that work really well, and the others don't really work at all. And those two tactics work for two different battles you are facing. So you're given the impression of freedom, how you are going to design your battle system, but actually you're just switching the battle system around until you can beat the monsters, and then when you talk to others about the game, find out that they've made the exact same choices. So the battle system is actually more like a puzzle, but with every battle having the exact same solution.
    The team that made it is super talented, which is clear from Bastion, but also the design of this game, and its ambitious ideas, but just nothing in this game really came together...

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I absolutely love El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron. Not sure it was actually hated at all, I just don't know anyone else that ever played it.

As for hated, that's a bit too much but I really dislike NieR Automata. The original NieR is one of my all time favourite games but I thought the sequel was just tedious and I especially disliked the way Emil was basically just an idiot shopkeeper. His story in NieR is absolutely heart breaking. He deserved more respect.

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I think I’ve posted some of these thoughts before on a related thread topic, but it’s worth reviewing, if nothing else for catharsis.

Loved but almost everyone else hated:

  • The Order 1886. Although this game has a bit of a following on here, consensus out in the world is that this was a huge flop. For me though it was great. I didn’t mind the short run time or rushed narrative.
  • Telltale games. I enjoy most all of these, even if they churned out so many in a short time. I still enjoy the games despite the antiquated engine, the recycled format, and the complete lack of innovation.
  • Remember Me. This was a cool concept and a favorite at the end of the PS3 lifecycle, but it got panned by a lot of critics. Dontnod is definitely a very creative studio.

Disliked (again, semantics but like others have said I don’t typically use the word “hate” either) but almost everyone else loved:

  • Witcher 3 Wild Hunt. I reserve the right to change my opinion if I ever get back into it, but it was disappointing when I tried it.
  • DriveClub. Granted I only played the version given out on Plus, but I didn’t like the driving physics, the tracks, or the game’s presentation.
  • Rocket League. Maybe it’s that I’m not a soccer fan, maybe it’s just that I’m not good at it, but the game was pretty boring to me. Maybe it’s also because I don’t care for online competition.
  • Assassin’s Creed Black Flag. My least favorite AC game, and I’ve played 6 or 7 of them.
  • Undertale. Never understood the love for this game. I thought it was weird and boring.

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I have amended "hate" to "dislike" in the title - cos, yeah its too strong a word really



Like: Dead or Alive 6. I really enjoyed the combat and I spent absolutely ages working my way through the quests.

Dislike: Super Mario 3-D world. I was expecting another exploration focused Mario game along the lines of Super Mario Galaxy. It actually turned out to be a linear co-op game that I didn’t enjoy probably because I was playing it on my own.



@Ryall Ooh that’s true, I really did not like 3D World at all. It just felt a bit flat and empty. 3D Land was good for the 3DS hardware but for 3D World being on Wii U, it did feel like a big step back from the Galaxy games in terms of scope and creativity.

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Mad Props

*FFXII - It's probably my favourite Final Fantasy game. I know it was quite unpopular when it first released.
*Fallout 4 - Fantastic game. Many didn't like the limited dialogue options but I'd take that and a voiced protagonist over a mute with more dialogue options.

Yeah But No

*The SoulsBorne games - I've tried many times to get into them but it's just not my bag, man.
*MGSV - Gave up after doing the exact same thing when I got to Africa. The story(?) just wasn't engaging enough.

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Gal Gun: Double Peace: I recall this getting a 3/10 on PushSquare, but I actually really liked it. The pacing is perfect for a rail shooter. You're given a variety of choices to make throughout that'll determine both how you progress through a level and what character's route you'll end up. Achieving the best endings is highly dependent on gitting gud at the game, which also helps to encourage replayability. The fanservice element doesn't really do much for me for obvious reasons, but I also thought it was funny and charming throughout. With that said, the Vita port's framerate makes that version practically unplayable - stick to PS4 or PC for this one.

Paper Mario: The Origami King - This might be a contentious choice, but it's undeniable that there's a large portion of the core gaming community that wants nothing to do with this release. I thought it was fab, though: incredibly creative, touching, funny, and I kind of prefer the puzzle battles to normal Paper Mario combat.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 - Another contentious pick here, as it reviewed well enough and was popular. However, common wisdom holds that this is a step down in every respect from the Wii original. I disagree. I thought the storytelling was more well-paced, the characters were more likable, the environments were more beautiful, the combat was deeper, the music was better, and the setting, overall, was a lot more evocative and memorable.


(oh boy)

Bloodborne - Good combat, decent atmosphere, and almost nothing else. This game felt unfinished to me, as environments were barren, there's no map to help guide you through the labyrinthine locations, music is largely absent, there are almost no interesting characters, it's practically plotless, etc.

Final Fantasy IX - Boring, slow, tedious, ugly. Not sure what else to say: I played through at least the first disc of this, and it felt like it kept dragging its heels. Utterly inferior to what came before it.

Final Fantasy X - I actually like this one a lot more than IX, but it's still not great. It's so linear, in fact, that it feels like a sort of predecessor to XIII. The characters are kind of annoying, too, and the setting didn't really blow me away. Combat is very basic, too. Utterly inferior to FFXII.

Journey - Pointless, tedious experience. It seems like this game, where you run around chirping and collecting scarf pieces, was a profound, life-changing masterpiece for some people. We'll have to... agree to disagree.

The Last of Us Remastered - The gameplay bored me to tears: you're either pushing boxes/carrying planks to help Ellie navigate your environments or you're sneaking around tediously dispatching generic post-apocalyptic raider mooks. The story is boilerplate postapoc fiction and nothing to write home about, too. Great motion-captured performances, but if I want a cinematic experience filled with realistic performances, I'll watch a movie.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky - Niche, perhaps, but much-praised in JRPG circles. I thought it was slow as sin, clunky, and really just a poor experience in its own right.

Mass Effect 2 - Over;y streamlined the engaging RPG aspects of the original and went from bigger spaces to hallways filled with chest-high walls. The shooting is better than in the original, obviously, but this barely felt like an RPG to me.

Rocket League - Clunky game where cars play soccer. Nothing about this appealed to me.

Super Mario 64 - Ugly, barren, the camera is schizophrenic, the setpieces/plot are minimal, and the physics are weird. It doesn't feel good to play, and I didn't enjoy playing it. I get that this title is groundbreaking and legendary and whatnot, but that doesn't necessarily means it holds up as an experience today.

Super Mario World - Terrible power-ups, weird art design, lousy bosses, bland music. Honestly, this is utterly inferior to SMB3 on the NES, as far as I'm concerned, and one of the worst platformers on the SNES.

What Remains of Edith Finch - Pretentious art film masquerading as a game. Some sequences are interesting, but the entire thing failed to gel into a compelling whole for me.


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@nessisonett @Ryall I'm actually with you on 3d world, I just thought it was average and it's been sitting in my backlog since I lost interest. Same with smbU as well tbh. Even the Mario world style map didn't keep me playing until the end though I did get close.

@Anti-Matter I actually quite liked the original Petz games on PC by PF Magic before Ubisoft bought the IP They were called Dogz and Catz (specifically 3) but if you installed both they combined into Petz. Though I preferred their previous pet sim Oddballz!

On topic though:

Not sure what games I liked/hated contrary to popular opinion. I played a game that I assume is little known called Tiny hands adventure on switch that is probably laughed at by any who install it. But I enjoyed it and stuck it out to the end. Well worth the pound I payed for it in the sale. Though it has a weird bug that pushes your character in a random direction and I thought it was my joy con drifting. I tested it in other games though and it was fine, phew!

On the flip side I didn't really get on with bloodstained in the game club. I guess I'm just not cut out for 2d metroidvanias. In still curious about the genre though but I think I'd be better off trying to make it through the genres namesakes first before tackling the neo-metroidvanias!

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The Petz games i like are mostly from NDS with some 3DS version as during 3DS era, there were a lot of Pet Simulation games released by different developers but i found the most interesting was Wannyan Pet to Kurasou. They were Pet simulation games with multiple different animals such as cat, dog, squirrel, hedgehog, duck, hamster, etc.
The games created by Nippon Columbia as the developer focused on female gamers / kids so there were tons of cute casual games from Nippon Columbia.

My Favorite Rhythm games
1. Dance Dance Revolution
2. Para Para Paradise
3. DrumMania
4. Pop'n Music
5. Beatmania IIDX
6. MaiMai
7. Taiko no Tatsujin
8. Dance Evolution
9. Sound Voltex
10. Mambo-A-Gogo

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Loved, but others seem to hate:
Zero Time Dilemma. It's generally viewed as the weakest game in the Zero Escape trilogy, with people being disappointed by it, but I loved it. It features a dark and serious death game with plenty of twists around every corner, just what I wanted from a Zero Escape game. Controversial opinion, but I liked this one more than Virtue's Last Reward.

Hated, but others seem to love:
Gone Home and What Remains of Edith Finch. I love books. I love visual novels. So naturally I should love walking simulators. Apparently not. They were so boring. Nothing much happens in those games. Sure you're finding out about more interesting things in the past, but the current events are dull. Both games are just someone walking around a large house, reading about what happened.

Journey. Sparse desert, occasionally there's trouble to avoid. That's about all there is to this game. I don't get why it's viewed as something magical.

The Witness. I like puzzles, but the ones in this game are repetitive. There is some variation, but every puzzle has the same core theme of drawing the correct path through a grid. It was fun at first, but I quickly got tired of it. Thinking outside the box is needed for a lot of puzzles, but I found this caused a lot of solutions to be too obscure.


Guess I should weigh in on my own topic

Liked, but most others disliked:

Shenmue 3 - mostly disliked by gaming press and reviews, although those (i.e. me) who were fans of the series got it, understood the negativity, but revelled at the chance to spend time in Ryo's awkward world once more.

Disliked, but most others liked:

Red Dead Redemption 2 - loved the original, but just could not get the same level of satisfaction from it's prequel. I actually found it rather tedious, despite the obviously beautiful gameworld.

DriveClub - I'm a big racing game fan, but I just could not get what the appeal was with this game, despite it being held up as one of the PS4's best.

Burnout Paradise - pretty much universally appraised, but as a fan of the original Burnout, I found this (and many of the prequels) unnecessarily bloated and never really liked the idea of car 'combat' so integral to the series since Burnout 3.



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